Top 28 Funny Job-Related Images Showing That The Struggle Is Real

Image Source: Twitter

Prepare to see a list which entirely consists of the funniest job-related images you could find on internet! We have always believed that the funniest content is always relatable and shows or describes things as they are. As you are about to see for yourselves, all of the images below show the everyday hustle and bustle at work. It doesn’t matter if you work in retail or you are part of a corporate structure; you will have a lot of fun either way.

1. Here is one familiar type of conversation

Image Source: Instagram

This conversation could only happen if your boss is actually not the kind to fire an employee on the spot.

2. This happens in retail all the time

Image Source: Twitter

It is a great feeling when a customer wants to speak to the manager and he actually takes your side.

3. We could all relate to this one

Image Source: Instagram

The effort you put in looking sharp when you begin a new job slowly fades away with time.

4. Time seems to work differently while you are at work

Image Source: Twitter

We have all been there! It seems that you worked for hours and it has only been minutes.

5. We all refuse to speak to such people

Image Source: Instagram

There is always that person asking unnecessary questions that only makes the meetings longer.

6. This is how things are

Image Source: Twitter

You can deny this as much as you want but we have all done that at one point or another!

7. Here is something we wish wasn’t true

Image Source: Twitter

Well, it might be a bit exaggerated but we all have a certain spot at the office where we let off steam.

8. We wish this wasn’t real

Image Source: Me Me

Of course, it is very real and we are convinced that the majority of people could relate.

9. Those morning commutes can be tempting

Image Source: Instagram

Come on, you know you have been about that from time to time! We know we have.

10. This is how corporate structures work

Image Source: Facebook

Unfortunately for those who work the most, they often do other people’s job, too.

11. Mornings are always hard

Image Source: Twitter

We believe that the morning struggle is very real and you need to remind yourself that you need the job.

12. Nobody uses fax machines anymore

Image Source: Pinterest

We have no idea why people still want your fax number since nobody uses these.

13. Procrastination affects everyone

Image Source: Instagram

Even the biggest professionals among us sometimes find themselves procrastinating.

14. Sometimes the managers just don’t listen to you

Image Source: Instagram

And in certain cases they realize they should have listened but it happens when it’s too late.

15. This witty pun is awesome

Image Source: Tumblr

If you happen to be such a spirited employee, you can be sure that your managers like you.

16. The typical manager small talk when you don’t get a bonus

Image Source: Twitter

This is annoying, but every time you deserve a raise or a bonus, this is what you usually hear.

17. We wish this wasn’t so relatable

Image Source: Instagram

Such a moment needs no caption, because most of us already know how it feels like.

18. This is especially valid if you work in retail

Image Source: Instagram

Some people working in retail should be awarded for their patience and nerves of steel.

19. Since we mentioned working in retail

Image Source: Tumblr

This is probably the most classic example of what retails workers put up with on a daily basis.

20. Yep, that’s what she would look like

Image Source: Facebook

We are convinced that even Mona Lisa would not look her best on a Monday morning.

21. We wish it was easy

Image Source: Twitter

We have done that, too, but it seems that it is harder than it seems are we are not there yet.

22. This happens every time

Image Source: Twitter

No matter how hard we try each night, we seem to never get to bed on time, so mornings are rough.

23. You need to be polite to the managers if you want that promotion

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes it takes a lot of patience to endure the managers’ jokes but you still laugh at all of them.

24. This happens from time to time

Image Source: Sayingimages

Most corporate employees would relate to this one. Actually doing what you need to do is a must.

25. Most people work for the money

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that a career choice should not be made based only on the fact that you will get paid.

26. Sometimes you need to hold it together

Image Source: Instagram

In some cases you feel like bursting into flames but you know you are supposed to behave at work.

27. Working overtime remains unnoticed by the management in most cases

Image Source: Imgur

If you happen to be late, you would be in trouble but when you stay some extra time, nobody notices.

28. Not getting enough sleep is a vicious cycle

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that we can never get our schedules right and we are always tired even before going to work, not to mention after that.

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