Top 20 Of The Best Fails Ever On Internet

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As strange as it sounds, fails are like a blessing to the regular Internet user – watching epic lists and compilations of people who fail miserably is among the favorite activities of a huge number of people. And you have to admit that seeing someone fail brings a smile to your face and you feel oddly satisfied and even relaxed watching it. We feel the same way about other people’s failures, too, so do not feel bad about it and enjoy these twenty fails instead:

1. A Guy Who Had His Finger Stuck In A Chipotle Wall

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The reason behind this guy’s decision to put his finger in the interior wall at a Chipotle location is unknown, but he apparently did it, and we got to see how he failed in trying to get it out. Well done.

2. Clothing At Walmart

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If a three-year-old kid doesn’t know how a hippo looks like, all he would learn from this piece of clothing is that hippos are actually rhinos.

3. Uncle Sam The Bald Eagle Obviously Did Not Like Trump

Image Source: Mia Tramz

When a bald eagle doesn’t like you, there’s really nothing you could do it about it.

4. Bidets Are Not Meant For Drinking

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This sounds like a bad joke, but somebody actually drank from a bidet and even wondered why this strange little fountain was installed so low to the ground.

5. An Epic Tattoo Fail

Image Source: Tumblr

Yes, you saw that right – a tattoo picturing Jesus as a PEZ-dispenser that shoots out pop-tarts with a crucifix on top. This is weird, to say the least.

6. Incense Spelling Fail

Image Source: Reddit

Imagine this post without the picture – this guy’s fail would have been even bigger than it already was.

7. Bowling Alley Fail

Image Source: Reddit

If you want to show off in the bowling alley, you better have some actual skills, or you might end up like this guy. We’re glad the ball did not drop on someone’s head. That would have been painful.

8. A Masterpiece Portrait

Image Source: Reddit

Well, the guy who drew this was obviously proud of himself, but the end result is a total disaster. We salute this artist for his effort.

9. A Real Pizza Fail

Image Source: Reddit

Some people really need basic instructions even for things that seem straightforward – like baking a pizza, for example – all these people had to do is put it in the oven with the correct side up.

10. Milk And Cookies Mix

Image Source: Tumblr

This was one of those decisions which you regret almost immediately after taking, but at least it was super funny to watch.

11. The Clintons Kissing Fail

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that Hillary would never forget some things, and Bill keeps finding that the hard way.

12. Acronyms Are Not What They Used To Be

Image Source: Reddit

If you decide to incorporate an acronym in a sign or an announcement, you better make it work like an actual acronym, because this here is a complete nonsense.

13. Cat Failing At Drinking Water

Image Source: Reddit

Somebody needs to show this poor cat how to drink tap water without taking a shower each time.

14. Champagne Bottle Fail

Image Source: Reddit

This guy was extremely lucky, because after its ricochet the champagne bottle was only millimeters away from causing a lot more damage than it actually did.

15. How Do You Get A Trash Can Lid On Your Head?

Image Source: Imgur

Even if this woman dropped something valuable in the trash bin by accident, she could have just reached inside with her hand, but seeing a plastic trash bag on her head has no logical explanation.

16. Talking About An Epic Fail

Image Source: Reddit

This is unbelievably stupid and we hope that the staff at this store saw it soon enough.

17. A Classic Photoshop Fail

Image Source: Reddit

Instead of investing time in manipulating her photos, this girl could just hit the gym and get in shape.

18. One Of The Most Epic Shoe Fails

Image Source: Reddit

When you are in a hurry for an important meeting, this happens more than often.

19. This Cat Probably Hates Life

Image Source: Twitter

The cat’s facial expression really says it all.

20. Mistakes Like This Always Make It To The Epic Fail List

Image Source: Twitter

Maybe there should be a short IQ test prior to every pizza order.

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