Top 13 Photos Showing Us That The World Is Full Of Strange And Weird People

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There are different kinds of weird; some people act strange and they look more or less gross or creepy, depending on the situation and the circumstances. However, being weird can also mean that you do abnormal things that are funny, and sometimes it is even adorable to witness the consequences of someone’s tiny bit of insanity.

1. This guy’s girlfriend put googley eyes on all items in the fridge, and on the fridge itself

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You might call it a prank, but it’s rather sweet and if this man has a sense of humor, he probably laughed hard after he saw it. We have to note that this task took a lot of time and effort to complete, which is admirable.

2. A mix between Pikachu and Beyoncé? Why not

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There may be a lot of different meanings behind this drawing, but only the person who created it knows exactly what it stands for. The artwork is pretty good, too, and it’s definitely worthy of framing and hanging on the wall.

3. There may be no actual reason for this, but it must have been hilarious

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While this is a decision that has no obvious reason, it may have a backstory which we do not know. However, the main point is that having the right attitude and enough confidence would be enough to get you through anything.

4. The toilet must mean the world to this person

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If you put up a photo in a frame, it most likely is a photo of your family and friends, or your pet, maybe.

However, some people are obviously weird enough to keep a framed image of their toilet on top of that exact same toilet.

5. The Midnight Cardboard Tuner

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How would react if you find your car pimped out like this in the morning? Someone apparently found a new hobby, and it’s hilarious. As goofy as it looks, it certainly takes some skill to be able to pull it off in the middle of the street at night.

6. He survived the crash, so he might as well pose after it

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Just look at that guy smiling, as if nothing happened! The roof of the car is completely crushed and this dude is lucky to be alive, but he was apparently so satisfied with the outcome of the situation that he asked the highway patrol to take his photo.

7. We don’t even want to know why

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Anyone has the right to do whatever he wants, as long as it’s not illegal. And sitting in the park in a giant yellow duck costume is one of those things that are legal, but maybe should be considered as a violation – simply looking at this guy can bring you a load of mixed emotions.

8. The strangest BBQ you’ll ever see

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Look like an office cabinet, right? Well, it may have been at some office in its early days, but someone transformed it into a fully-functional BBQ, and as long as it does its job, the looks are not important.

9. The carry-on luggage is the most important one

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The person who decided to bring a whole packed chicken on board as a carry-on luggage has to be an interesting character. What would you ask this person if you had the chance? We hope that the chicken was there just for laughs, because otherwise it would be more than strange.

10. It may seem weird to you, but it’s actually super clever

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If you are trying to figure out what’s going on here, we’ll explain. This is a perfect way of trolling all those folks who like pineapples on pizza. Of course, it’s a matter of taste, but the pineapple pizza lovers are being put to shame all the time.

11. Here’s one way to pass the time

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Someone got creative here, and the end result is as hilarious as it is creepy. While some may find it to be a weird way of entertainment, the most important part is to be able to have fun regardless of the location and circumstances.

12. When you have a trombone, the entertainment is guaranteed

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This person must have realized that Obama’s facial expression on the cover of that newspaper seemed to be the same as if the was blowing into the trombone, so the jokester simply put 2 and 2 together and you can see the end result – weird, but funny.

13. Putting yourself on Tinder looking like that is a controversial move

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A taco costume topped with a yellow duck head and a sombrero on is probably one of the weirdest outfit ideas ever, and the fact that this guy uploaded it as a Tinder profile image makes all of this seem extremely strange, but it’s obvious that he has a sense of humor and is just weird enough to be funny.

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