Top 13 People Are Giving It 200%


You probably have at least a few friends who always give their best at everything they do. Their dedication and attitude is often impressive to some people, but others simply hate them for being better than the rest.

If you consider yourself to be in the second category, now it is the time for you to just relax and enjoy the following pictures—while appreciating the efforts certain people made in order to be the best every time.

If you don’t want to change your mind—and you still hate those who are always winning at everything—we’re totally fine with that.

1. One really dedicated photographer

Image Source: Instagram

These newlyweds were probably very pleased when they saw their wedding photos. It seems that the photographer decided to utilize all of his skills when creating the photographs, and the ‘behind the scenes’ photo shows one of them.

2. The guy who invented this slogan really outdid himself

Image Source: Reddit

The employee behind the idea for the slogan on the picture needs to come out with a working schedule that would be able to fit nine whole days into a seven-day week.

3. These exterminators take no chances

Image Source: Reddit

When dealing with pests, you just have to go the extra mile and be sure that no location remains unprotected.

4. The restaurant staff that arranged this food order

Image Source: Reddit

A user published this picture on Reddit. Apparently the guy ordered food, but also had some unique and rather specific instructions. Imagine his surprise when he received the delivery and realized he got exactly what he wanted.

The staff at that restaurant definitely earned their tip.

5. This tennis player obviously used more than 100% of his strength

Image Source: Reddit

You are probably aware that professional tennis players are able to strike and send a ball at incredible speeds, with the current record being over 160 mph. So do not be surprised when you see the tennis gear in the picture here.

While the racket and the tennis ball obviously couldn’t take the speed, we hope the other player was not hurt.

6. This company really wanted everyone to see who their customer target group was

Image Source: Reddit

We may be a bit sarcastic here, but the logo on the travel bag really does stand out.

7. These cheeky Hunt Valley dentists

Image Source: Reddit

Stating that they performed more cavity checks than the US Transportation Security Administration is a bold and funny way to advertise, and we hope that it worked out well for the Hunt Valley Dental Clinic.

8. The best wedding dancer ever

Image Source:Reddit

No wedding is complete without some wild dance moves, and this guy seems to know what he’s doing. Be sure to find some time for practice if you want to pull off a similar stunt; otherwise, things could easily end up in disaster.

9. This kid is a deception wizard

Image Source: Facebook

Apparently this kid’s father setup a video surveillance camera in the house while he was away for five days, but his clever son put all his skills into this nice setup—which seems to work perfectly.

10. This guy really wanted to make sure everyone knew where he was from

Image Source: Reddit

This is what happens when you love your country very much and you want everyone to know how proud you are that you were born there. The multiple flag setup is apparently so heavy that the SUV looks to be under quite a load.

11. A bodybuilder who took things a little too far

Image Source: Reddit

This bodybuilder probably wanted to show his dedication to the gym life and the proper nutrition, but this photo appears a bit controversial—to say the least. But judging from his physique, he probably gives more than 100% in the gym, too.

12. This family gave it their best for their home’s Halloween makeover

Image Source: Giphy

Halloween is one of most exciting holidays, especially for the kids. But when the grown-ups love it as much their children do and put in more than 100%, this is what happens.

13. These Walmart employees did more than just arrange the soda cases

Image Source: Reddit

Some employees really give their best at work, but these guys are on a completely different level. This is art.

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