Top 13 Of The Worst Cake Fails Ever

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Baking a cake is no easy task; probably anyone could do it with a bit of practice, but it’s the fine touches and decoration that really count. If it doesn’t look good when it’s presented, the taste does not matter at all.

The real problem comes when people pretend to be bakers, but they lack the skillset that goes with that craft. You are about to see the end result of such attempts; some of them are truly ridiculous, while others are just funny and will make you laugh.

1. The colorful mane of this unicorn went a bit wrong

Image Source: Instagram

The lack of skills is obvious, but there is a huge mistake – the supposed unicorn seems to have a beard instead of a mane. At least the colors are nice, and it could have been a lot worse if those were wrong, too.

2. Being extremely literal could backfire badly

Image Source: Reddit

Bakeries tend to strictly follow their customers’ demands in order to make them happy and fulfill their requirements. However, sometimes being too literal can make a baker neglect the obvious. In this case, the person wanted this beach scene without the sky, and got exactly that in more ways than one.

3. The customers only wanted a duck on their cookie cake

Image Source: Reddit

The simple request of drawing a duck with some icing on top of a cookie dough cake seems easy to do. As you can see, the person decorating this masterpiece found it extremely hard to do, because this does not resemble a duck at all. Imagine if they asked him to draw a dinosaur.

4. This is not the right way to treat Pikachu

Image Source: Instagram

The original idea behind this was rather good, but after it got burned, someone tried to fix the situation with some sprinkles, and naturally it got even worse. Sometimes it’s best to just scrap the initial attempt and bake a new one.

5. Another case of following instructions too literally

Image Source: Reddit

This customer got more than he asked for, as you can clearly see. However, it does say “Happy Birthday” on both cakes, as requested, but someone just followed the instructions without putting in much of a thought.

6. Sometimes the icing on a cake resembles a different thing than intended

Image Source: Reddit

Bakers have good ideas about icing and decoration, but they need to take a second look when they’re done, as the case here suggests. The chocolate frosting here is a bit too much, and it looks like something that does not belong on a cake.

7. Who would be proud enough of this to photograph it?

Image Source: Reddit

This is yet another example of what we said above – when you add the frosting on the cake based on your idea, just step back and take a second look, or get an opinion by someone else. Otherwise you risk of ending up with a hilarious frosting that looks like a pile of manure in front of the sunset.

8. This must be a joke

Image Source: Reddit

When the customer showed a picture of the cake he wanted and the words he wanted to be added on top, it was obvious what he had in mind. However, as you can see, the bakers either decided to troll him or they simply didn’t get it.

9. One cake that’s wrong in so many ways

Image Source: Reddit

Let’s see, where do we start? Oh, the spelling mistake – that’s a good one. Next, the literal delivery of the client’s request really stands out. And finally – the poor design and decoration quality – anyone could probably achieve better results at home.

10. That’s not actually a fail, but it’s still funny

Image Source: Instagram

This person received the best piece of the cake possible. While it was surely a coincidence, it is still a brilliant way of trolling. The accidental message gets to your guilty conscience, right?

11. Is that a princess cake for adults?

Image Source: Reddit

At least the person who created this cake realizes the disastrous end result. The kids at the birthday probably did not understand why all the grown-ups were laughing at the cake. However, some additional decoration could have been useful here.

12. Instead of smiles, this cake will give you nightmares

Image Source: Instagram

If you know that you would not be able to create a face using icing, why do you try it after all? What’s worse about this case here is that it was not some housewife’s poor attempt; a real bakery made this and they even put their label on!

13. This cake follows the trends, but nobody saw the unintentional fail

Image Source: Facebook

While geode designs are cool, this bakery should have chosen a different color palette for their creation. They realized what the end result looked like only after reading the comments on their Facebook page.

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