Top 13 Of The Most Savage April Fools Pranks Ever

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April Fools’ Day is probably the only time of the year when it’s more or less allowed to be a complete jerk and make people mad at you. It’s the perfect occasion to show those you find irritating just how much you really hate them. If you haven’t thought of enough pranks for everyone, don’t worry, we got you covered. If you feel evil enough today, simply ignore the fact that people will despise you for the next few days (or weeks, depending on the prank) and start preparing.

1. This is pure evil

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Wow, it’s hard to imagine all the effort this person is putting in his brilliant prank! We absolutely do not want to know what Play-Doh tastes like, but it looks like that some people are going to find out the hard way!

2. Talking about effort, this here is the opposite

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Image Source: imgur

If you hate a colleague enough, you could pull this off. In order to avoid the cleaning part, you could just make it seem like it’s full instead of actually filling it up, just like on the pictures above. You can bet that the initial reaction will be priceless.

3. Now this is what you call a savage prank

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Oh, boy! The person that you pull this prank on will remember it for a long time. Just imagine the horror in your victim’s eyes, and the addition of raging fury within a few minutes. We wonder how you get out of a situation like that.

4. Fake Coke is easy and brutal

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All you need is a few Coke bottles, Sprite and soy sauce. As you can see, it looks completely the same as the real thing, but it must taste horrible. However, you must be careful and be absolutely sure that the person you pull the prank on is not allergic to soy sauce.

5. Here’s how you sabotage someone’s toilet

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We could almost hear the bang! Imagine the unsuspecting victim entering the bathroom and casually preparing to use the toilet, and upon sitting on top, a loud noise would be triggered that would probably make the poor person jump to the ceiling.

6. Everyone’s favorite Easter chocolate bunnies with a little twist

Image Source: Izismile

Yuck! This is cringe worthy, as it would probably result in people making unimaginable facial expressions. A chocolate bunny with a mustard filling is definitely not something that will taste good. Whoever thought about this is an evil genius.

7. Prank done right

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This person took their time and prepared these boxes with care, but everyone craving for the crunchy donuts would probably feel instantly disappointed upon seeing the veggies. But there is happy end, because the lettering says that the donuts are actually in the other boxes.

8. We wonder if someone would even try this game

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The savage version of Russian roulette with donuts is something truly impressive; it’s a classy way of performing a prank. The question is who would dare to try it? We know we wouldn’t.

9. It seems the donut-themed pranks are a trend

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This prank is equally disgusting to the chocolate-mustard bunnies. It appears that it needs to be done very carefully, because the smell of the mayonnaise might give away the scam. However, if someone actually takes the bait, a big shock to his taste buds will surely follow!

10. Someone is in for a surprise

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Some poor and unsuspecting soul is about to start the day differently. While it might not be that disgusting, it would be presumably early morning and the last thing anyone would like to do is have a mouth filled with mayo immediately after waking up.

11. The deodorant of your dreams

Image Source: Izismile

People can get really creative when it comes to pranks; filling your friend’s antiperspirant with crème cheese is a nice way to piss him off instantly. It’s a quick and easy April Fools’ Day’s prank.

12. You’ll probably make your kid cry, but it’s still a good idea

Image Source: Kids Activities Blog

Freezing your offspring’s breakfast bowl of cereal is a perfect way to prank them, and your evil side would probably enjoy seeing how confused they are. However, make sure you leave some regular cereal as well, so they could have breakfast after all.

13. You could always grab the Play-Doh kit and some paint

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While the picture suggests one particular object, it is all up to your imagination. You simply must choose the desired reaction and then you design something that scares your victims or makes them vomit, for example.

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