Top 13 Most Brilliant And Savage Pranks From Across The Internet

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Some people like to prepare early for April Fools’ Day, but sometimes they need an inspiration. Thankfully, there are places you could find ideas, and the following list is definitely one of them; if you are one of those folks who just couldn’t resist pulling a prank on someone, check out some of the ideas given by users on Reddit and proceed with the preparations – you have enough time to organize the best prank ever.

1. Write a friend’s name in every public toilet you find and add a message

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Chances are that your friend would possibly see at least a few of the messages and he would definitely start to freak out, while you have all the laughs.

2. Trick your younger sibling into thinking that the air in every bag of chips was meant to be inhaled.

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This is something that would probably put him in an embarrassing situation multiple times, unless you or someone else eventually reveals the truth.

3. If you and some of your friends are into rick-rolling, you have a lot of options

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You just need to follow what your buddies are currently busy with; for example, if one of them is looking to buy a car, create a few fake ads with his desired make and model, and put the number of a Rickroll hotline as the contact number in them. You would probably be declared the winner in a few days.

4. Trash your friend’s desk with a load of paper clips and other small metal objects

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But before you do it, attach a magnet underneath with a note of your choice. When your buddy tries to clean the junk, he would eventually find out who pranked him in such a clever and simple way.

5. Sometimes pranks backfire right in your face

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Pulling an April Fools prank on your girlfriend by pretending to break up with her is not a good idea; what if the girl says that she felt the same way and she was glad that this is happening? It would be a very sad and awkward way to end a relationship.

6. Sometimes not pulling a prank can become the actual prank

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If you get a bag of chips and bring it in the office, all you need to do is put a note next to it that says ‘Happy April Fools’. Nobody would touch it and everyone would try to figure out what was wrong with it and where the joke was.

7. You could purposely leave some answers to an upcoming test on your desk

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If you happen to be a teacher, you could pretend that you forgot to hide a list of the right answers to a test that you were about to give to your class. When eventually many of them end up writing those answers on the day of the actual test, tell them that you pranked them and they will be stunned.

8. The prank may continue for a much longer period than just one day

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Someone came with the idea of ordering a couple of hundred tiny rubber ducks, which he continuously placed in the homes and vehicles of all of his friends, creating a craze. Nobody was able to figure out where the ducks came from. Of course, you could use any random object for your prank.

9. This is a painstaking job, but it would be worth it

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Someone pranked his roommate by sewing all the sleeves of his shirts, and the poor guy thought that the dryer must have melted them somehow. It would be a priceless moment watching how he learns what really happened.

10. Sometimes the pranks can backfire

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Making a false dollar bill to prank someone is an old trick, but make sure to dispose of it afterwards, because you’ll forget about it and when you eventually find it, you’ll probably trick yourself and feel happy that you found some forgotten cash.

11. This is how you prank someone with style

These parents obviously have a great sense of humor and were able to quickly come up with the best reply.

12. Acting weird and trying to convince someone into believing some ludicrous fact

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If you are convincing enough, you might be able to mess with someone’s mind and trick the person into believing in something disturbing.

13. Annoying the staff at a random bar or restaurant

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If you and your buddies go out and crash into a bar, you could make your maximum effort to annoy your waiter, but then you can end up leaving the biggest tip in his life, which would probably change his mood instantly and make him emotional beyond words.

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