Top 13 Hollywood Clichés That Will Never Happen In Real Life

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Gas Is Always Endless In Car Chases
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Hollywood movies are absolutely packed with all sorts of clichés that are almost impossible to happen in real life; chances are you are just as tired of the as we are. Unfortunately, this is what the filmmakers produce and we need to put up with it.

However, we could at least point out and summarize them; the result is the following list of 15 clichés that are nearly impossible in real life.

1. The heavy drama around declaring love

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The teary ending of a movie when the couple’s love proves stronger than everything is always the same. When you think about it, in most cases the guy says some strong words and the woman goes running towards him and kisses him.

2. When a woman is pregnant and her water breaks

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Sounds familiar, right? Well, this is how movies work, but we all know that this is not the way babies are born in 98 percent of cases. In movies most babies are delivered under such circumstances like the photo above.

3. Ending a call without saying ‘goodbye’


This is actually quite rude, but it happens almost every time, regardless of the movie genre. The characters say what they need to say and then they simply hang up, while we always say at least ‘bye’ at the end of the conversation.

4. The typical movie family morning

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The nice scenario of a kid waking up and going downstairs to see a king size breakfast prepared by a loving mother is usually not the case in real life. What really happens is that everyone is late work school or work and skips breakfast.

5. Movie snow is always like in a fairy tale

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When a movie features snowy scenes, in most of the cases the snow falls down in beautiful chunky snowflakes, creating a dreamy sight to see. However, we all know that in reality it could be a nasty wet snowfall or a real blizzard.

6. Rain is always awkward, too

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Especially if the movie has a dramatic note, the rain would most certainly fall down straight. We have always wondered why they make it like that; the fact that it’s artificial does not mean that it needs to look artificial, too.

7. The impossible computer skills shown in films

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This is probably obvious to everyone, not only to the computer specialists. In most productions we see how some nerd frantically types something and twenty seconds later the world is saved or the bad guys are defeated. This is not how things work in reality.

8. Almost every storyline includes a love story tucked in between there somewhere

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Actually, real life suggests that men and women can do a lot of things together without necessarily falling in love. However, the Hollywood movie makers consider it to be a lot more interesting if there is a cheesy love story involved.

9. Complaining about the action

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The line ‘I did not sign up for this’ is included in a lot of movies and usually comes out of someone who actually did sign up for whatever the character is doing – military, police, etc. It seems odd that someone would complain about the action he should expect in his field of work.

10. Another typical movie line

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When a guy says he’ll pick up for a date the girl he just met, he walks away without asking her address or any contact at all, and he eventually picks her up. We guess that’s just how movies work, but it’s annoying.

11. This one is rather serious


Performing CPR is a responsible task, and it’s done incredibly inaccurate in most movies. This could be a problem, because it may turn out that someone who needs to perform CPR only knows how to do it from a movie he saw, and that could lead to disaster.

12. Pulling off impossible stunts

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A popular action movie stunt is crawling through air ducts. This is impossible to do in real life; an average-sized male could barely fit inside, and crawling through the ducts of an entire building is out of the question.

13. Driving is totally unrealistic


You have probably noticed how some character is driving a car in a straight line, but the steering wheel is in constant motion. This is very annoying to watch, and instead of bringing some realism to the scene, it has the exact opposite effect.

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