Top 13 Grocery Shopping Hacks That Will Save You Time And $Money$

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Some people may find grocery shopping to be a pleasant activity, but we still haven’t seen one in person; they’re like unicorns. The crowded stores, the endless aisles, the grumpy cashiers and many similar factors turn grocery shopping into a rather unpleasant task. Having that in mind, any kind of idea or a hack to make everything work better while shopping would be much appreciated, and this list contains 13 of them. Glad that we could help.

1. This one is really simple and basic

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If you’re anything like us, then you probably grab a cart by default as soon as you arrive at the store. However, the easiest thing to do when you don’t have that much items to buy is to just get a basket instead; it will save you a lot of time.

2. If you have the chance to make most of the shopping during the working week, than do it

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The majority of people head to the supermarkets on weekends, because that’s their time off. The crowds are always big on Saturdays and Sundays, so if you can do the weekly shopping on a working day, you’ll save yourself a lot of time.

3. Having a grocery list is a must

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If you go to the store without a list, you’ll probably end up spending twice the time you would if you did make one. The shopping list is a simple thing to do, and you can’t remember all the stuff you need, meaning that you’d likely have to return to the shop again.

4. Avoid parking near the entrance

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Most people would prefer to circle around the parking lot numerous times only to park near the entrance of the store; this is a huge mistake, because it would be much more crowded there. Instead, you could find a spot further back, and you’ll have enough space to calmly take your cart and load the groceries to the vehicle. And you’ll probably also avoid a few scratches on it, too.

5. If you have a freezer at your disposal, make the most of it

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Shopping in bulks can have huge value advantages that you should not miss. You could always use the freezer if you have one, and you could even cook some meat, for example, and freeze it instead of buying pre-cooked meals.

6. Don’t miss the highest and the lowest shelves of the aisle

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A trick most stores use is to place the most expensive items of a certain category in the center shelves where you’re more likely to see them. This is the reason you must always look up and down to compare the prices and get a better deal on the product you need.

7. If have frequent visits to the shop, this one is for you

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Leave a couple of laundry baskets in the boot of the car and you’ll make your life easier. The baskets serve as organizers and your groceries will not get all over the boot space, plus you’ll be able to carry them to the house easier.

8. Making the most of the cart’s space

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If you need to buy a lot of stuff, this clever hack will free some space in the cart. Just stack the soda or water cases on the sides of the cart – they will simply hang on and leave you plenty of room for the other groceries.

9. When the bags become one too many, use this trick

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Just get a carabiner with some padding and lock all the bags’ handle loops in it. This is a sure way to bring them all in one piece to car without making several trips from the store to your parking spot.

10. This has a similar effect to the previous one

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If you don’t have a carabiner at your disposal, simply use a spare plastic bag. Tie the bag around the other bags’ loops and you’re good to go.

11. Pay attention to the prices

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If you think that a bulk deal is always the better one, you’re wrong; in many cases the unit prices is the same whether you buy one piece or the entire bulk. Read the price labels carefully before putting something in your cart.

12. Prep you food at home and save money

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Paying for pre-cooked or pre-cut food is always setting you back a little extra money. You could save these additional expenses by doing the prep work at home and unless you are in a big hurry, avoid these types of products.

13. Avoid the aisles that you have nothing to buy from


Going to the specific aisles that you need stuff from is the right thing to do. If you choose to check out the other ones, too, you’ll end up losing time and wasting money on something you’ll later find out that you didn’t need in the first place.

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