Top 12 Examples Of Perfect Husbands That Anybody Would Like To Marry

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Couples are very different from one another; some have a really close bond and share everything, while others tend to be more formal about their relationship and prefer to keep some personal space.

Those who are close to each other tend to be more outgoing and funny; having a good sense of humor brightens every relationship and makes it easier. Sometimes expressing your feelings can be done in a fun way instead of the traditional romantic stuff.

In most cases a spouse with a good sense of humor is worth keeping, because chances are that there would never be a dull day and fire will likely keep on burning.

1. This woman probably regrets sending her husband to take the cat to the grooming salon

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A woman posted the hilarious result of her man taking the family cat to the groomer. Clearly the dude wanted something special, and the groomer delivered. The cat does not seem happy, though.

2. Easy for him to say

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This proud father decided to capture his emotions during the delivery of the baby; however, he captured his wife’s emotions, too, which are clearly mixed with pain, and she probably would not be too happy about this photo.

3. Prank done right

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This husband’s plan worked like a charm, and his wife was terrified after the nanny cam in their son’s bedroom sent her a notification email with this picture; she later realized that the joke was pretty well executed, but she was also quite furious about scaring her in the first place.

4. A bit of sarcasm never hurts

Image Source: Imgur @UnoriginalAnon

Some people would probably take this the wrong way, but most of us have a sense of humor and we get it; the author’s family probably had a few laughs after reading the dedication, too.

5. When your wife asks you to edit some of the wedding photos, this is what happens

Image Source: Reddit @thexyzaffair

This is not your typical wedding photo for sure, but it also is a unique piece; who would have thought that you could mix war and wedding? Apparently this guy’s wife also had no idea what her husband would do, but she was amused by it in the end.

6. This guy is a hero

Image Source: Reddit @DruishPrincess69

When a husband wants maternity photos, but his wife is too shy, this is what needs to be done. This dude absolutely nailed it with his own maternity photo shoot; the pictures look amazing and he also gave the important message that you should embrace yourself and your body features the way they are.

7. This is how you include your baby in your social profile

Image Source: Reddit @Daitenshe<br />

The mother of the kid was furious when she saw what her husband did, but it’s actually brilliant and funny, and his daughter would appreciate it when she grows older. The mother eventually also stared to like the idea.

8. The perfect gift

Image Source: Reddit @IAMGodAMAA

Pranks never go out of fashion, no matter how old you are. This husband found the perfect way to pull a prank on his wife; he gifted her with a sex-guide for people over 40, which was completely blank inside. You could see the couple’s reactions in the right photo; it’s clear that he was super happy about his prank.

9. Following the orders strictly is not always the thing to do

Image Source: Imgur @Encyclopediabritannica

Some creative thinking doesn’t hurt from time to time; however, if we must be honest, we have to say that the husband followed his wife’s orders specifically, so he has absolutely no guilt about this situation.

10. Forget romance and get creative

Image Source: Reddit @cnorwk8

Instead of all the old school methods of seducing your wife like cuddling and massaging her feet, this guy decided to create some dirty shadow puppets action, and chances are it worked pretty well on her.

11. Spending quality time with the family dog


When a wife told her husband to spend more time with their dog, she was probably not expecting this; not only did he play Scrabble with the canine, but there were actually several words written on the board. It seems that it was a good game but the dog lost.

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