Top 10 Photographers That Won The Prestigious 2018 Hasselblad Masters Awards

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The Hasselblad Masters Awards is among the more respected competitions in the world of photography, and the winners of the 2018 awards have been announced.

The competition is held every couple of years, and it highlights the best in the field in several different categories.

The last edition of the contest resulted in more than 31,000 entry submissions, which is a whopping 175% more than the last time, and some of the most stunning pictures in the world were among the submissions.

From mind-blowing landscapes to portraits, the categories in the contest allow both professionals and newcomers to win an award—everyone has a chance to find his or her place in the history of photography.

Every award winner receives the title of Hasselblad Master and becomes an ambassador for the Swedish competition until its next edition.

All of the winners receive invitations for participation in all Hasselblad-related projects— as well as medium format cameras and the honor of having their award-winning work featured in the Hasselblad Masters book.

Tom Oldham, a professional photographer and a jury member at the contest, said that he was stunned to see how progressive a lot of the entries were and how much creativity the authors had. He was impressed by those photographers who showed bravery and boldness in order to be able to create amazing photos that nobody could possibly ignore.

Oldham added that he felt proud to be a part of the contest and for being able to encourage those with talent to go even further.

1. Portrait Category Winner

Image Source: Tinasignesdottirhult

Norwegian Photographer Tina Signesdottir Hult from the town of Torvastad won the award for best portrait with a few stunningly pure photos of children.

2. Aerial Category Winner

Image Source: Jorgedelatorriente

Jorge De La Torriente from Miami, USA won the Aerial Category prize with intriguing photos taken over a beach and a bay.

3. Beauty & Fashion Category Winner Michal Baran

Image Source: Baranphotography

Irish Photographer Michal Baran, who is from Trim, blew the competition away in the Beauty & Fashion category with his stylish approach and vision.

4. Architecture Category Winner Kamilla Hanapova

Image Source: Myportfolio

Kamilla Hanapova, who is from St. Petersburg, Russia, managed to create mind-puzzling pictures of architecture that are so well angled some of them actually look like an optical illusion.

5. Art Category Winner

Image Source: Mariasvarbova

Maria Svarbova—who is from Bratislava, Slovakia—has a unique style of her own and everyone admired her pieces of art; they were good enough to win her the award in Art Category.

6. Landscape Category Winner

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Photographer Benjamin Everett, who is from Lopez Island in the US, entered the competition with breathtaking landscape shots that are so serene and peaceful they almost resemble a parallel universe.

7. Product Category Winner

Image Source: Marcingizycki

The clever optical illusions and the technique that Marcin Gizycki—who is from Warszawa, Poland—used to create his images were very different from everything else, so he easily won the prize in the Product Category.

8. Wedding Category Winner

Image Source: Facebook

The surreal photos that were created by German photographer Victor Hamke capture the beauty of newlyweds in the most stylish way possible.

9. Wildlife Category Winner

Image Source: Karimphotography

US-based photographer Karim Ilya is surely a brave man, because the underwater shots of whales he submitted were mesmerizing; it definitely took a lot of courage to make them a reality.

10. Street/Urban Category Winner

Image Source: Benthomas

Ben Thomas from Kyneton, Australia won this category with the bright, colorful, and very warm pictures of street locations.

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