Tokyo Was Hit By Heavy Snow, And People Did What They Had To Do


Downtown Tokyo saw its heaviest snowfall in years on Monday, and as a result the city suffered a real transport chaos. Numerous vehicles were abandoned in the streets. Also, many trains were stopped, and more than 250 international flights were canceled—causing a large number of people to be left stuck at the airport.

A Tokyo resident named Yukimura (literally meaning ‘snow village’ in Japanese) said that the city hasn’t seen snow in four years. The snowfall then was even heavier, according to her, and she was apparently the last person to learn that there was going to be snow again—but she didn’t mind it at all.

When the city was completely blocked, the people had nothing else to do but make snowmen. But these are not your average snowmen; keep in mind that this is Japan we’re talking about.

Three rolls of snow and a carrot would just be insufficient by their standards.

Yukimura explained that Yuki Daruma, the Japanese name for a snowman, means literally ‘snow daruma’. Daruma comes from the Daruma doll, which was made to resemble a Buddhist monk named Bodhidharma. The tales about him say that during meditation his limbs fell off, and this was the reason why Japanese snowmen have only two layers.

North America and Europe, for example, don’t have traditions in regard to building snow sculptures, but the Japanese attitude seems to be quite serious, and that is exactly what you would expect from the nation that produces some of the best and most creative innovations and art pieces in the world.

After the recent snowfall, Tokyo was filled with snow sculptures that will likely leave you amazed and full of respect for the culture. These snowy works of art have been shared on Twitter and are gaining popularity with the #雪だるま hashtag.

Reportedly Yukimura made a snowman herself, too. While she was waiting to help her colleagues shovel some snow from outside their office, she was able to make a little sculpture next to the sign that pointed the way to the nearby café.

1. A Real Snow Totoro

Image Source: Instagram

The famous animated character Totoro from the animated fantasy ‘My neighbor Totoro’ has been perfectly recreated holding an umbrella. All of the proportions look accurate.

2. A Happy Dog

Image Source: Twitter

Somebody sculpted a tiny dog made to look like it’s playing in the snow and enjoying itself. The big floppy ears are a very cute detail.

3. Godzilla

Image Source: Twitter

This snow-made Godzilla is pretty impressive—even the smallest details have been recreated.

4. Minions

Image Source: Twitter

The notorious Minions are always up to something, but here they are made to look like they are just hanging around.

5. Baymax and Olaf

Image Source: Twitter

Two characters from different movies—but they are both just as sweet when they meet you on the pathway to this house. Both sculptures and incredibly well made.

6. Jabba The Hutt

Image Source: Instagram

Somebody obviously invested quite a good amount of time to create this huge snow Jabba; however, the result is simply amazing.

7. A Cute Panda Bear

Image Source: Instagram

This beautiful smiling Panda bear took a lot of snow to make, and they even colored the sculpture for a completely proper end result.

8. Hatsune Miku

Image Source: Twitter

She has been one of the most popular animated characters in Japan for the past ten years, and her snow version is mind-blowing.

9. Akita Inu

Image Source: Twitter

This is a pretty accurate sculpture of an Akita Inu dog lying on the ground. The breed is very popular in Japan and is one of the most beautiful and loyal breeds in existence.

10. Snoopy

Image Source: Instagram

Talking about dogs, we simply could not miss Snoopy, who is lying on a staircase with his long floppy ears and round belly.

11. A Snow Cat

Image Source: Twitter

This is a very sweet snow sculpture, and the little details like ears, mouth and eyes make it look almost alive.

12. Lightning McQeen

Image Source: Instagram

The smiling leading character of the animated movie Cars is also present on the streets of Tokyo.

13. A Penguin

Image Source: Twitter

This is one perfectly-proportioned penguin!

14. Mike Wazowski

Image Source: Twitter

The well-known Monsters Inc. character is looking good!

15. Pikachu

Image Source: Instagram

One of the most famous Pokemon characters just had be present on this list!

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