15 Pets Who Were Able To Surprise Their Humans Right After Waking Up

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People who have pets are aware that there are a lot of surprises involved in having an animal inside your home, and not all surprises are actually pleasant. Cats and dogs can be a real menace sometimes, and it is only a part of enjoying their company.

One of the best things to experience together with your pet is to enjoy the mornings in which the canine or feline family member greets with and demonstrates all the love and affection in the world. However, not every morning goes smooth at all, and these are the situations you will find in the list below.

1. There is nothing better than waking up next to a nose like that

Image Source: Reddit

Some research reports suggest that sleeping with your dog in bed is not recommended due to a number of reasons, but animal lovers would never settle for that. In fact, the majority of house dogs are sleeping with their owners in bed, and once they are allowed to, they would never go back on the floor or on their doggy beds. Things might be messy, but it worth it, because waking up next to this nose would bring a smile to your face for sure.

2. This cat too bathing to another level

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Here is one feline that definitely took the self-cleaning game to new heights. It seems that this comfortable position is a rather unusual one for any cat, but it also looks like a really comfortable position. However, most cats would never sit like that, and if this feline’s owner wakes up to see this, it would be a rather interesting and amusing morning.

3. Here is a surprise that you don’t want to see in the morning

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Well, just looking at this huge mess made us cringe, and we cannot imagine seeing this first thing in the morning. We hope that it was not on a Monday morning, because that would really be the worst case scenario. This dog probably wanted to have some revenge after the refusal to sleep in bed with the humans. Revenge is sweet, and the cleaning of all the feather probably took a lot of time and effort.

4. This cat seems to be in need of assistance

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It is no secret that cats like to try and fit in a number of different places, especially if we are talking about a box, a container of other tiny space. Some cats are picky and they only choose places that they have never been before. This kitty saw that the human left a jacket on one of the chairs and decided that it would a perfect hiding place; we reckon that it turned out to be a tight fit.

5. This pit bull probably feels the love

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Here is on happy pit bull! The owner’s girlfriend decide to let the dog in bed to replace her man who leaves early for work, and the cute dog seems to be completely aware of the situation, because you can sense his gratitude and relaxation in his facial expression. The owner of the dog has a perfect replacement.

6. This was very close to a mistake

Image Source: Imgur

Upon first glance on this photo, there would be a lot of eyebrows raised for obvious reasons. However, when the photo is observed for the second time, the truth emerges and it turns out to be just a dog taking a nap between the sheets. The fit thighs of the canine look like human legs, but they are a lot harrier, of course.

7. This car probably just watched The Lion King

Image Source: Reddit

When you see the body language of this feline, you would surely see the resemblance between The Lion King and this lion relative! The owner shared this photo saying that the cat became active in the middle of the night and climbed up there. We hope that there was no excessive no excessive noise and everything turned back to normal in a matter of minutes.

8. This cat is making friends

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As soon as one girl’s cat moved in with her and her boyfriend, the feline became really interested in the man of the house, and it became more or less annoying with all the attempts the cat makes to bond with the guy who posted tis. We find this kitty to be really cute, and since it shows persistency in working towards the goal to bond with the new human.

9. This must be some kind of a guilty face

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Some animals are prepared to be scolded for whatever they did, which is actually a rare sight to see, because nobody has the guts to admit their guilt. This brave feline knocked down that spice container, and a quick decision has to be made. As you can see, the cat showed dignity and stayed at the crime scene, which is really adorable. You can be absolutely sure that almost no other pet would simply stay there and admit about an accident.

10. This Irish Setter is a true gymnast

Image Source: Reddit

This person was probably really surprised to find the huge Irish Setter looking down from the top of the entertainment cabinet. It is a mystery how the dog was able to climb of jump there in the first place without breaking something or making any kind of noise. This shows that some morning surprises related to pets can really bring a certain amount of fun and comfort to every house member.

11. Morning activities with your pet are the perfect start of the day

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However, by saying ‘morning activities’ we are not referring to some kind of intensive exercise. This is actually quite the opposite; one man and his dog decided to fool around, and the human decided to make things extra funny by adding a giant bat costume, which looks utterly ridiculous. What is the important thing here is that a man and his dog were able to spare some time from their schedules (mostly the human, of course), and have some morning quality bonding time.

12. Dogs know exactly what they want in most of the time

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Domestic pets are much smarter than you might think, and they always try to find a distinctive way of communication with the humans in the house. You really don’t need a lot of language skills to understand the facial expression of this dog. It clearly stands for one word, and that word is ‘food’. Yes, food is the only thing strong enough to divert your pooch from the right track. You can be absolutely sure that your dog could trade you for a couple of cases with dog biscuits, because the food cravings of our four-legged friends are far too big than anticipated.

13. Here is one unusual combo

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Having a cat and a lizard in the house is a brave decision, but we guess that it is perfectly fine if everyone is getting alone good. This person probably woke up seeing those two faces. We have a little bit of a problem with all kinds of lizards, and we cannot imagine opening the fridge or the bread basket and finding one inside, not to mention leaving the creature in your home. Unless there is a huge aquarium nearby, most animals would be unhappy while their home is being replaced.

14. This guy seems confused

Image Source: Reddit

This is what happens when you fall asleep next to someone, and you wake up next to someone else. This dude probably got a little scared upon opening his eyes, but he quickly realized what actually happened there. His girlfriend simply got up earlier, but she decided that she should not leave her man alone in bed, so she replaced herself with their canine family member. What is actually adorable about this photo is the fact that the dog seems to enjoy the nap and the company of the human. This proves that morning surprises are the best when they involve pets, and a lot of people’s day would be a lot better after they touch an animal immediately after waking up.

15. This is the weirdest midnight snacking we have ever seen in our lives

Image Source: Imgur

Here is something that you do not see every day, and chances are that you will not see it again. It is actually an activity which is more common for humans, because they are able to get to food source, unlike a cat or dog, for examples. This brings us to the next interesting thing; how is it possible that a tortoise is able to go to the fridge and grab some snacks in the middle of the night? We suspect that this photo has been staged and the tortoise was not hungry at all, but it is too late for that now, because we already feel the need to go and grab a sandwich and a soda can. We are just ordinary humans and we do that every now and then.

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