13 Photos That Will Make Your Head Spin

Image Source: Reddit

Getting a bit confused is not a bad thing, actually; it makes you think and your mind gets a bit of exercise. Of course, thinking is not obligatory when you check out this list of confusing images; just enjoy them without searching for an explanation.

1. The mystery of the disappearing socks is finally solved

Image Source: Me.me

We have all experienced the loss of a pair of socks or two, and after a brief investigation they always end up being stuck somewhere in the depths of the washing machine. However, the people who own a dog might tell you a different story, and this person is no exception. Apparently the dog has been cleverly burying the socks in the snow, but it eventually melted and the crime scene was revealed.

2. This might seem to you like an epic digitally created image, but it’s not

Image Source: Imgur

What you see here is a giant monster invading a metallic Earth-like planet, and the vast Cosmos is seen in the back, creating a nice font. However, the reality is that this is nothing more than a lobster in a wet bucket.

3. This is a weird coincidence and someone played it well

Image Source: Me.me

The average person would probably fail to notice that the tip was equivalent to the amount of the number Pi. This is the way to show off your knowledge while working a regular job.

4. The ketchup was probably free

Image Source: Twitter

Do you think the girl poured that huge amount of ketchup because it was off charge or she simply likes to have more of everything, just in case? Nobody could eat that much ketchup.

5. This is a whole new concept about balloons

Image Source: Imgur

Every party needs balloons to make the atmosphere brighter and to add a little color; however, this new way of describing what balloons actually are may forever change the way you look at them. Try explaining this to a four-year-old; that would be fun.

6. This person’s crime career is over

Image Source: Pleated-Jeans

Stealing another person’s food is among the things you definitely shouldn’t do, because food is sacred to some people, especially if they return home late in the night, craving for s slice of leftover pizza. But when the theft was already done and the perpetrator denies all allegations, there could still be some evidence left and in this case the culprit actually created it himself.

7. Did anyone notice how ridiculous fashion trends have become?

Image Source: Instagram

Upon seeing that image, you would immediately start questioning yourself about your perception of beauty and style, but you’d be wrong to doubt yourself, because shaping an eyebrow to resemble a high-heel shoe would never be considered acceptable by a person with a rational mind.

8. This is not the kind of sandwich you would prefer for breakfast

Image Source: Instagram

The idea behind this culinary monstrosity is absurd; who would mix these ingredients and actually enjoy them altogether? It doesn’t even look good, which is probably how it tastes, too.

9. Humanity is doomed

Image Source: Instagram

A woman stole this guy’s phone and later began taking selfies, probably completely unaware of what iCloud is. But the question here is why she looks so scary while striking strange poses with a dead chicken in her hand and staring at the camera with her eerie eyes.

10. Trying to explain a caterpillar’s life struggles

Image Source: Funny Junk

This person must be rally compassionate about a caterpillar’s life cycle and he actually has a point; when you think about it, why would the caterpillar build the cocoon if it’s not aware of what happens next?

11. That hairdo is equally impressive and weird

Image Source: Instagram

The idea of the fresh breeze blowing through your hair while cruising in your car with the windows rolled down just got a visual example, and it’s not what you’d expect.

12. This is one clever tattoo

Image Source: Instagram

While it’s a bit scary, this tattoo is a nice and quick way of transforming your face; imagine if the guy decided to do it on his face permanently? He would definitely be the most unpopular person among the kids in the neighborhood.

13. There isn’t a hashtag that’s more brutal and accurate at the same time

Image Source: Imgur

This photo could be captioned in several different ways, but the simple and appropriate hashtag really says it all.

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