These 13 People’s Kind Gestures Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

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Our modern world provides us with an unlimited access to news from literally everywhere, and there are enough horrible stories to make you lose all hope for humanity.

However, we must keep in mind that news agencies and the media focus on them because they simply sell better than anything else, as sad as this fact is. Nobody is interested in presenting warm and positive news to people.

Feeling that we need to make a change, we provided a list of stories to brighten your day and to prove that not everyone is bad.

1. A little kindness makes a big difference

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Evoni Williams is an 18-years old girl working as a waitress in one of Texas’ Waffle House locations. She was photographed by a customer when she cut the steak of an elderly man who asked for assistance. It may seem like something small, but to that man it surely meant a lot.

2. Having a big heart keeps you going

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This dude is incredible! He constantly travels around the US to set up adoption campaigns for shelter dogs. He rescued six canines himself and now they live with him in his RV. He works with shelters all over the country and hopes to find home to every rescued dog he sees.

3. Everyone needs attention

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A group of elementary school students noticed that the sweet grandma waving at their bus every morning was not on her usual spot for a few consecutive days, so they decided to ask what happened. After they learned she suffered a stroke and was currently under medical care, they made this poster for her.

4. Adoption day like no other

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A boy who was about to get adopted asked from his new family to come and pick him up dressed as superheroes. As you can see, they fulfilled his request and proved there’s nothing greater and stronger than the family bond.

5. The kindest of gestures

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This 11-year-old girl named Isabella lost her mother recently, and one morning she asked the school bus driver, Tracy, to do her hair. From that moment on, Tracy fixes Isabella’s hair every morning, and the little girls is happy to feel like she has a mom again.

6. Marriage goals pictured

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Mr. Anixter shows how things are done. Known for his pink hat that he always wears at every Cubs game, he has an important reason to wear it. This is the type of thing men do when they love their partners.

7. Having the strength to help other live is admirable

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One 11-year-old boy knew that he was about to die because of his brain tumor, and he made the bravest decision he possibly could. The boy insisted that his organs were donated to people who waited for a transplant.

8. This is more than a kind gesture

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One couple was able to change the lives of an entire kindergarten class by willing to pay for their college education, instead of buying a yacht. Marty and Seon Burbank took the extremely generous decision and have zero regrets about it.

9. A barber turned to her clients with special needs

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This woman left her old workplace after she had problem simply because she spent some extra time calming down a boy with autism. This was actually a good thing because she opened her own shop after that and all clients with special needs are more than welcome.

10. One selfless act of kindness saved a life

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A teacher named Donna noticed that one of her students had changed behavior. After she called the student’s home, she was surprised to learn that Anahita, the student’s mom, had an advanced kidney failure and also a rare blood type. Donna checked her own health status and after realizing she was a match, she donated her kidney!

11. A high school senior student’s kindness

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After a couple of lower grade boys told him they liked his shoes, he said that he’ll get them a pair each. They were probably shocked when he actually did! And the people at Vans were so touched by his kindness that they sent him a gift card so he could be able to do the same for other kids, too.

12. From one mother to another

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After Ashley and Wendy, both mother, had a conversation at a Starbucks location, Ashley revealed just how challenging her morning with the kids was. After she later went to pay the bill, she saw that there was a gift card from Wendy waiting for her. This is as sweet as it could possibly be.

13. One high school senior student founded the best social initiative

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Dennis came to the US with his parents and ever since first grade he felt more or less isolated because of the language barrier. Having all grown up, he wanted to make sure no student was left isolated and started the ‘We Dine Together’ club.

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