The Internet Is Laughing At Britain, Which Became A Complete Mess After A Little Snowfall


There are a lot of classic jokes about the Brits that you could use in order to tease them, but there are also more recent topics that are worth a good laugh, too.

At least British people can take a joke, and they will likely have a few laughs over the joke as well.

The past week resulted in the latest reason to laugh at the Brits; it was as if they were preparing for the end of the world as a result of a couple of inches of snowfall.

It seems like the whole country stops functioning normally when snowflakes start falling from the sky, and the alarming headlines all over the media created the image of an entire nation that is scared of normal weather conditions for the season.

The conditions seem pretty normal for countries that regularly face harsh winter conditions—such as Russia, Canada, Norway, and many others—including many parts of the United States; they might look at Britain and start wondering what is actually wrong with the Brits.

Those countries experience severe winters, which are indisputably worse than ours, but nobody rings the bell and complains about it; the people there simply go on with their lives.

You might say that the Brits deserve all the jokes and mocking—they actually made a big deal out of something that is rather a normal event in many places across the globe.

1. UK vs. Russia

Image Source: Twitter

When you use the term ‘heavy snowfall’, you have to make sure that it is actually heavy! One way to determine that is by comparison, and countries like Russia and Canada definitely know what ‘heavy snowfall’ is.

2. Advice on Weather And Politics

Image Source: Twitter

One Scotsman’s wise choice of advice for the Brits is spot on. The third one, in particular, has surely ticked a few people off; sure enough, however, even more people laughed at the man’s amusing sense of humor.

3. This Is What A Real Winter Looks Like (Russia)

Image Source: TUMBLR

The Brits could hardly experience something like this. The weather they have is nothing compared to 8ft of snow like on this photo.

4. Norway’s Snowfall

Image Source: Twitter

Compared to this, no one else has the right to use the caption ‘heavy snowfall’—especially not the Brits.

5. The Snow Storm Is Worse Than Terrorists

Image Source: Twitter

This user has cleverly mocked Britain’s exaggerated headlines about the winter conditions over the past week.

6. Media vs. Reality

Image Source: Twitter

A tweet that makes fun of the British people for the above mentioned overreaction of the media.

7. Snow During The Winter

Image Source: Twitter

This is another tweet that trolls the Brits in a textbook-worthy manner.

8. Panic Shopping Level – Highest Possible

Image Source: Twitter

One of the things that the Brits did over fear of the winter weather was to buy everything they could get their hands on from the shops, leaving empty shelves—as if the world was really about to end.

9. Breaking News

Image Source: Twitter

This user is on point—there are too many news specials and too many ‘breaking news’ headlines. The media is simply overreacting.

10. Low Temperatures Are A Myth

Image Source: Twitter

This guy posted the current temperature of his location, which seems chilling to the -5C that Britain experienced.

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