Top 10 Of The Best Magic Tricks Revealed

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When you see a magician perform, you know that you are not witnessing real magic, but the fact that you see something unthinkable happen before your eyes that has a logical explanation is quite irritating, because you just can’t figure out how does he pull it off every time.

Well, it turns out that some of the best tricks have a way easier mechanism than you probably thought.

1. Levitating Trick

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This is one of the best tricks in every show, and it looks impossible to perform, but in reality it is not that complicated. The ‘levitating’ woman is simply lying on a board supported by a metal rod, which the magician hides with his body and the trick is that he has to maintain a perfect position all the time.

2. Up In The Air

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The mechanism behind this one is similar to the first trick; the main difference is that the magician is not standing in front of the support to hide it; he is positioned by the head of the assistant instead and he moves the hoop as far as the support allows, thus creating the illusion of a floating body.

3. The Illusion Of The Floating Man

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This trick is a rather simple one – all it takes is a metal construction featuring a seat that connects to the rod the man is holding; the rod then connects to a platform that is usually covered by a carpet.

4. A Woman Cut In Half

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This is one of the oldest and probably most popular magic tricks. The key to this performance is the second assistant that is already inside the box prior to the performance. When the other assistant goes inside as well, the first one puts her legs outside and the audience thinks that it was actually the one they saw going in. After the dramatic episode of cutting and separating the box, the audience actually sees two people showing one half each.

5. He might not be magician, but his dance moves were magical

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The mind-blowing dance moves of Michael Jackson defied the laws of physics and gravity, and as it turns out years later, he had a special contraption allowing him to do it. The simple mechanism features a groove in his heels which is attached to a lift on the stage, allowing the King of pop-music and the other dancers to perform their amazing dance routine.


6. Making The Statue Of Liberty Vanish In Thin Air

Image Source: YouTube

David Copperfield is among the best magicians in the world and he is famous for his amazing disappearing performances. The best of these tricks by far is the one where he makes the Statue of Liberty vanish. It looks impossible, because it actually is. The trick is very clever; the audience watching the live performance is seated on a rotating platform and they had actually moved instead of the statue.

7. The Buzz Saw

Image Source: Celebrity Wiki

One of the most dramatic magic tricks is the Buzz Saw. The technology behind this performance is similar to the Box Cutting, and it also requires two people. The saw cuts in between them, and the wide rubber band that is supposed to ‘keep the man in position’ actually hides the space between the two people.

8. The Levitating Abilities of Criss Angel

Image Source: Magic Tricks for Kids

This trick resembles the one with the floating man; Criss Angel uses a hidden leg for his performance. He takes off his shoe and steps on that leg, which creates the illusion that he has both feet in the air.

9. Card Going Through A Window

Image Source: YouTube

David Blane was able to impress a lot of people with this trick, but it is actually quite simple to pull off. When the volunteer picks a card, he shows it to everyone and puts it back in the deck, after which Blane scatters the whole deck against a random window, and the chosen card somehow appears on the back of that same window. The secret is that there is a person waiting with a second deck of cards inside, and he sticks the chosen card on the window.

10. Walking On Water

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You might have already guessed this one – all of the magicians performing this stunt use the same technique – there are clear polycarbonate platforms beneath the surface.

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