Ten Amazing Pictures That Will Instantly Restore Your Faith In Humanity

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Life may be tough, unfair or even cruel sometimes, but not everything is as bad it seems. We are humans and of the main things we could do is to make a difference. However, we sometimes seem to forget that the world is beautiful, despite the everyday issues we all have. Maybe most of us just need a reminder that humanity is the main value that we should cherish, and we could all do that with simple and random acts of kindness.

You will surely feel a lot of positive vibes after checking out the stories below, and they will make you smile or even cry. But what matters most is that they may serve as an inspiration to all of us and remind us to be kind, generous and to remember that one simple deed could mean the world to somebody.

1. Anthony Borges

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Meet Anthony Borges, the 15-year-old hero who managed to use his body to keep a classroom door closed during The Florida Shooting, thus saving twenty of his classmates. The shooter fired shots through the door and hit him five times, but he survived against the odds. Imagine the bravery that it took to do this kind of thing. We wish him a full recovery.

2. Bringing Water To The Wildlife

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This man drives for several hours every day through some of the regions where the drought is severe and delivers water to the thirsty animals in Kenya. This is the only access to water for the wildlife in the area.

3. Arizona Fire Brigade Puts Out A Fire In Mexico

Image Source: Reddit

When human lives are at stake, the border means nothing to those guys and their act of kindness is beyond words.

4. Feeding The Homeless Every Night

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A retired man from Dublin named Brian spends each evening making fifty boxes of curry for homeless people. He is living only on his pension and despite that he pays for everything himself.

5. One Stranger Helping Another

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This is a rather sweet encounter. An elderly man likely saw a young one who had trouble with putting on his tie, and he stepped in to help him.

6. True Love

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that true love could last a lifetime, if you are able to find the right person.

This is a perfect example for the above statement. A man places birdseed in the shape of a heart every morning, so his wife could wake up and see a heart of pigeons.

7. Her Father Lives On After Death

Image Source: Reddit

This bride’s father passed away ten years ago, but the man who walked her down the aisle was special – he had her dad’s heart transplanted and a part of him was with her on her wedding day.

8. Kindness Beyond Words Could Express

An old lady often went to the supermarket just to read from the books on one of the aisles. When the manager noticed that, he arranged a little bench for her so she could sit while reading.

9. An Addict Returns Stolen Money Five Years Later

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes life puts you on your knees and you forget about your morals, but when you get back on your feet, you straighten things up.

10. Preventing A Stranger’s Car From Flooding

Image Source: Pikabu

When you see a car with an open window sitting in the rain, what would you do? Well, this guy did the best he could, and it’s awesome.

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