Some People Need To Spend At Least An Hour A Day To Learn How To Be Adults

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Most people feel nostalgic about their childhood, and who would blame them? Being a kid was great, because you didn’t really have to do anything but just have fun. However, a problem occurs when you suddenly realize that you became an adult, and you still do nothing else but have fun. Then you would say – hey, no worries, all the right things I should know would just come to me, right? Wrong. If you’re anything like us, you are probably familiar with the struggle of being an active adult, while all you want to be is a ten-year-old brat again. Sadly, things don’t work that way and the process is irreversible – you are already an adult, so you better act like one. And this doesn’t mean to just start making your bed in the morning and then bragging about it as if you’ve ended world hunger. You just have to grow up.

1. Perhaps most of you could relate to this book.

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Being a kid is all about not being responsible for your own actions and many adults tend to do the same. But when it comes to the punishment part, as an adult you would likely suffer more severe consequences compared to the grounding overnight you once received as a 12-year-old. Purposely avoiding all kinds of responsibilities is a sure sign of a childish behavior.

2. The old habits are still alive

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If you’re still prone to secretly stealing a teaspoon of the hazelnut spread jar or lick the crème off the Oreos before eating them, congratulations! You’re still ten, despite you look thirty.

3. Being an adult is tough

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Some people are scared of being an adult. If you’re still a kid inside, being a grown-up would seem to you as a mix between boring, scary, annoying and simply too hard to handle. When the fact that you have already aged enough to be categorized as an adult hits you in the face, you are likely to find out the hard way that you must change a lot of your old ways and adapt.

4. One step at a time

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Some people really have the energy to change the world after their first cup of coffee in the morning, but let’s face it – they are not a majority. Most of us need a few cups of coffee daily in order to just be polite enough at work and avoid punching someone.

5. The shattered hopes of becoming an adult

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Some people seem to mature over the years, but actually inside they become a disturbing mess between a grumpy adult and an annoying kid. We bet you know at least one such person. We all do.

6. What you learned so far won’t help you

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While growing up to be the adult that you did not want to turn into, you sometimes begin to realize that a lot of the things you were taught and other things that you love are just not applicable in the world of grown-ups.

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