Proof That This Makeup Artist Is Just Tremendously Talented

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Many of us know women who absolutely, positively refuse to leave the house without makeup. There are women—and I know more than one—who won’t even let people into their homes unless they’re properly made up. As a person who doesn’t wear makeup, the over $400 billion makeup and beauty industry is honestly a bit of a mystery to me. At least it was—until I saw the work of a 32-year-old from Azerbaijan named Anar Agakishiev. He is a make-up artist, with the emphasis on the word artist.

Using his tremendous talent, operating out of a studio in Baku, Agakishiev regularly works on what might be called “traditional” clients and does a fantastic job. However, what is truly impressive about the man is his ability to spit in the face of Father Time and make women look like they’re half the age they actually are. The transformations are truly outstanding, and Agakishiev is clearly one of the most talented make-up artists in the world. Don’t believe me? Take a look!


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This is a perfect example of Agakishiev’s talent. The woman on the left isn’t unattractive, but the one on the right literally looks like she could star with Brad Pitt in a movie. When you really take a look, the changes are subtle. The combined effect of all the little changes, though? Wow!


So apparently Agakishiev was able to do that. To be clear: there is nothing wrong with the way the woman looked prior to being made up. In general—unless you’re one of those few film and television stars I can think of who apparently have a deity as their personal plastic surgeon—people don’t exactly get better looking as they age. The woman looked perfectly fine. Old, sure, but fine!

Wow, though! She looks about forty years younger in the picture in the right. I always heard makeup could take off a few years, but decades?


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Honestly, if it weren’t for the fact I can see it in the eyes, I would be hard pressed to believe the person on the left and the person on the right were indeed one and the same.


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The woman in the image on the left could probably look very pretty if she’d smile; that sour expression does little for her. The woman on the right? Even if she were scowling, she’d be a bombshell!


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You have to love the hair extensions in this image. I don’t know how it works, but longer hair really can take years off on the right person. The fake eyelashes do wonders for the woman, as well!


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This is another example of a woman who was really quite pretty before the makeover, but looks like a movie star after the makeover. It looks as if Agakishiev used contact lenses to change her eye color, and the false lashes he applied really make those eyes pop!


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The most dramatic change in this photo seems to be how properly applied makeup removed the dark circles from under the woman’s eyes—and dark circles are the bane of everyone who can’t seem to get a decent night’s sleep. The new hairstyle and color definitely work wonders, as well.


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In my opinion, it is the new hairstyle that really makes this woman’s transformation. The fact that she is smiling helps a lot, too. Happier people just tend to look more attractive.


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The right makeup really can make a sort of drab looking person into a bombshell, as has been proven by this image. Agakishiev really knows what he’s doing!


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In this image, we can see that the artist filled out the woman’s eyebrows and gave her fake eyelashes. Combined with the new hairstyle and the tasteful jewelry, she truly does look at least a decade younger after the makeover than she did before.

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