Michael Moore Tries To Prove Women Are Better Than Men, Gets Brilliantly Shut Down By A Woman

Image Source: The Hill

While there are some notorious bad-ass women, there are no bad ones at all, according to Michael Moore, the famous Academy Award winner and filmmaker. He stated in a tweet that women never invented something as sinister and deadly like the atomic bomb, or an act of genocide like the Holocaust, or anything in that same evil fashion – not even a smoke stack. However, writer Jessica Ellis strongly disagreed and decided to respond to him, which almost immediately went viral.

Moore attacked the patriarchy, stating that women were biologically superior to men and had higher moral standards. Later Ellis said that she considers herself a feminist and her initial response to Moore’s claims was rather personal. She used to suffer from anxiety and even went to therapy where she realized that she was not a bad person only because she had dark thoughts. She also found out that she felt this way before because women were always thought to be purer than men and Moore was backing up that claim. Although she respects him as an artist, she disagrees with the concept that women are born to be always sweet and charming, because at times when she doesn’t feel like that, she feels guilty about it, and it could be worse if you were depressed, for example.

It is true that women have not been in powerful positions as often as men were, but despite this fact Ellis was able to point out that Moore was simply not right. She claims that women’s mental health suffers if they have to keep up with an unrealistic standard of purity. She says that we are all human beings and there should be no such separation as the one Moore stands for.

1.Moore’s original post:

Michael Moore stated his opinion on the difference between men and women.

2. Ellis’ reply:

Jessica Ellis soon jumped in and instantly disagreed, saying the he could not be more wrong.

3. Ellis backs up her position:

She decided to back up her response and posted a picture of Elizabeth Graves, who reportedly contributed a lot for creating the nuclear bomb.

4. Another of Ellis’ back up facts:

She proceeded with a picture of Mary Walton, who Ellis said had two patents of smokestacks.

5. The woman was determined to prove she was right:

Ellis continued to prove Moore wrong with a picture of Ilse Koch, who reportedly used to be a commandant at Buchenwald.

6. One more fact Ellis brought up:

Since Moore mentioned the contribution for melting the polar ice caps in his original tweet, Ellis posted a picture of Ceri Powell, who apparently was the Head of global exploration at Shell.

7. Response to the public shooting claim Moore made:

Ellis mentioned the first ever public school shooter – a teen girl named Brenda Spencer, again proving Moore wrong.

8. Ellis’ ending tweets:

The woman than added a few tweets, saying that women have always been oppressed by patriarchy, and by telling them they can only be good and there is no darkness within them is something very harmful for their mental state.

She suggested that Moore is spreading a concept that erases their real history as women and they could decide for themselves to be good or bad. Ellis added that being ethical is not easier for women than it is for men.

9. Some of the users’ comments:

Other users also expressed their opinions, backing up Jessica Ellis and saying that this is how feminism should look like. Ellis later said that it was hard for her to answer with the tone she did to a respected documentarian, but she is glad that her position was approved by other users.

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