Dog Goes to Target And Has The Very Best Time Of Her Life


Target, which just happens to be one of the largest discount retailers in the United States, has a lot of human fans. After all, you can buy televisions, clothing, greeting cards, and even groceries under one roof. What’s not to love? It also happens to be of the most philanthropic organizations in the United States, which makes it extra loveable.

Apparently dogs love the Target Corporation, too. This has been proven by a half-Corgi puppy named Zira, who took a trip to a Target store with her owner Jesse. By all accounts, Zira had a blast, and you will too when you look at these images.

In case you’re wondering, Target also sells pet treats and toys. Zira’s owner was nice enough to purchase the pooch a toy as well as new treats!

Zira, who is also half Mini-Aussie, is clearly having the time of her young life in this image. At the time this picture was taken, Zira was only 4 months old! She appears to be in an aisle that sells bottle water. So why is young Zira so happy? According to her owner, the precious pup loves anything she can chew.


Zira is clearly enthralled by all of Target’s many, many products she could easily turn into a chew toy. Remember to watch your dog closely when he or she is chewing on an object that isn’t designed for canines.


Zira might be one of the cuter dogs on the planet, and there are a lot of cute dogs out there. Don’t you love the spots on her nose? We also love the color of her eyes, which are so unusual. A lot of people spend a lot of money on contacts to get eyes that color!


This dog isn’t Zira, but it is also a cute little furry friend named Meyer. Isn’t it nice that certain Targets allow you to bring your pets along while you shop? Not all stores allow pets, and that is understandable due to the fact people can be allergic and/or afraid of dogs, but having a furry companion around when you’re shopping definitely makes the experience a whole heck of a lot more fun.


Apparently animals other than dogs very much enjoy shopping at Target, too. Apparently this well-behaved furry feline is a working animal, which means that she may offer emotional support to her owner. She doesn’t look too thrilled at the fact she’s being photographed, but she’s clearly not bothered by the shopping experience.


This photo of Jake the dog was taken a few years back, and it is particularly adorable because of the extreme hairstyle the little guy is rocking. He’s probably very much enjoying the new smells the store has to offer.

It is great that Target, along with many other chains, allow pets inside their doors. However, it must be stated that dogs who aren’t service animals should never be brought into a shop that isn’t pet-friendly. Also, it is often up to the discretion of the manager of any chain store location whether or not animals are allowed to shop with their owners, so call ahead.

In case you’re curious, other chain stores that have locations that allow pets include clothing retailer Abercrombie and Fitch, Barnes and Noble, and Home Depot.

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