Different Dog Personalities From Around The World Were Captured During One Photographer’s Travels


Alan Schaller is a specialist when it comes to black and white photography. In one of his latest projects he decided to show some respect to our canine friends. The photos are amazing and show just how different dogs can be, no matter the shape and size, or where they live.

The nature of dogs is to be friendly, curious and goofy and mostly to bring smiles in people, at least most of the time. Schaller tried to portray exactly that and hopes his project could help different animal organizations to raise more money for their causes and events.

#1 London, UK

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This sweet little pup was photographed in London. The cute dog seems to be smiling and daydreaming, which is charming.

#2 Arctic Circle, Norway

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This dog is clearly a hard worker, but in his eyes you can see that he simply cannot wait to jump with all four paws into his next snowy adventure. These dogs have proven themselves to be real-life heroes and they deserve respect for their effort and the hard conditions they are forced to live i.

#3 Kolkata, India

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This skinny pup is probably a stray dog, but in his look and smile you could find a whole universe of kindness and loyalty. We hope somebody feeds him daily and he does not wander the streets alone.

#4 West Wittering Beach, West Sussex, UK

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Not every dog enjoys water, but most of them do. You can easily tell by the photo that this particular canine loves getting wet and probably could play all day long on the shore.

#5 Koh Phayam, Thailand

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Judging by the photo, these two are probably brothers, and since they are still very young, their days probably pass exactly the way they are pictured – playing and having fun. A dog’s life is sometimes all fun and games.

#6 Volterra, Italy

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This Italian Bulldog is obviously pregnant, and seems to be pretty happy lying on her back! One of life’s pleasures is the ability to relax, and this dog certainly knows how to do it.

#7 Istanbul, Turkey

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The French bulldog pictured here looks like he is on some kind of a day job and he seems to be really into it, judging by his posture. Keep up the good work, whatever it is, buddy!

#8 Surrey, UK

Image Source

One of every dog’s favorite things is a good, long walk. This pup seems to be experiencing just that and you can tell that he is pretty happy about it!

#9 Casino Royale, Monaco

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When in Monaco, everyone should like their best, but this doggy is just fabulous! This poodle’s owner is obviously taking good care his canine friend. Looking sharp!

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