Artist Brings Stones To Life By Turning Them Into The Animal She Feels Inside The Stone

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To one female artist named Akie Nakata stones are not just objects that she could paint on. She picks a stone that resembles an animal among many others. She believes that stones find her, too, and that they would let her paint on them what she sees inside.

Therefore she only paints the stones that she feels an established connection with, and that is also her inspiration. She never cuts them or shapes them in any way. She knows that they may not be living organisms, but still she feels that they have a history behind them and if a stone has witnessed a thousand years, it has a story to tell. She claims she could feel the life inside a stone and she paints it while she is holding it with one hand so she could be able to feel it.

She is very careful when she paints the animal she sees inside and she does it by feel. She takes her time with every stroke only to be convinced that it is in the right place. To her it is a kind of dialogue with the stone. Nakata compares the art to a newborn life because she is able to recreate the living spirit of the stone and make it visible.

She paints the eyes last and that is when her work is finished. She feels satisfied with the end result only if she feels it to be right.

1. Sea Otter Family

Image Source: Facebook

This amazing picture is drawn perfectly and with a vision. You could almost feel it.

2. A Tiny White Hamster

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Another amazing piece and it looks completely three-dimensional.

3. Cute Little Blue Bird

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Yet another example of true artistry; the colors are simply fabulous.

4. Little Pug

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All Pug lovers would be delighted by this tiny piece of art.

5. Baby Raccoon On A Rock

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This is a great composition and except the good idea behind it, there is a very good match with the natural shape of the rock, creating a real 3D-effect.

6. Tiny Snow Owl

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The Snow Owl is probably one of the most beautiful birds on the planet. Nakata was able to meticulously recreate every little detail on this piece.

7. Gorgeous Hippo

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The shape of the stone couldn’t have been better for recreating this Hippo.

8. Eagle Owl

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Probably one of best works of Nakata so far. The river stone was incredibly shaped and she was able to turn it into almost a life-like paining.

9. Beautiful Himalayan Cat

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The perfectly positioned drawing is simply stunning, and the main accent are the deep blue eyes of the car, which look alive.

10. A Whole Opossum Family

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This must have been one of the hardest pieces of work done by Nakata, but she used the odd shape of the stone in a perfect way and the result it just amazing.

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