A Single Mother Of 2 Avoided $300K Mortgage By Building A House Worth $10K

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When life decides to put obstacles in your way, it is essential that you do what you can to make the situation better—and then continue on. One Australian mother of two kids faced a tough situation when her marriage fell apart.

After the divorce, Charlotte Sapwell was about to become homeless—and she could simply not afford to buy a house—not unless she was willing to take out a $400,000 (more than $300,000 USD) mortgage.

Charlotte was determined to restart her life, but she simply could not imagine how she would feel any sense of security or stability if she owed such a huge amount. She decided that since her marriage was over, she had to focus on the happy parts of her life, not worry about the burden of spending many years in debt.

1. Looking Good

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The woman decided that she did not need the mortgage, and she had another idea that would not require a bank loan. She was able to complete her plans in just five months, and she went from nearly homeless to having her own little house.

2. Working Hard

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Charlotte was motivated by her children—she just wanted to provide a home to them without the heavy burden of a mortgage. She was supported by her grandfather and was able to build a house with 3×6 meter dimensions, which is about 10×20 feet, which is small—but enough for the family for now.

The house was built on property owned by her grandfather, and Charlotte used her woodworking knowledge to construct it all by herself. Everything cost her about $13,000 ($10,000 USD), which she accepted from her grandfather—as a loan.

3. A Functional Interior

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She was able to finish the project in five months. The house features an open-space area, a kitchen, and two bedrooms—one for Charlotte and one for the children.

The crafty woman claims that among the places she had lived, this is the best one by far.

4. Creative decisions

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Charlotte’s bedroom is actually in the combined area—with the dining and kitchen spots, which does not bother her at all. At first, she was against sleeping in a double bed, but recognized that downsizing required her to do so. After a bit of decorating, she’s pleased with her space, saying that she would not have her “bedroom” any other way.

5. Some Updates After Completing The Project

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When she felt that her skills had improved over the time as a result of the construction, she thought she could add a few things to the house, like the sliding barn door leading to the children bedroom.

6. Extras For The Kids

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Charlotte used her skills to create some toys for her boys, like this neat Ice Cream booth, which the kids often use in order to pretend that it is the building materials store which Charlotte bought everything she needed for the house. It definitely seems like the kids understand their mom’s amazing achievement.

7. A Fun Place

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Everything Charlotte did for her family is truly impressive, and it definitely takes a lot of skills and willpower for a woman to build her own home from scratch.

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