A Photographer Captured Real Life Angry Birds And They Are Adorable

Image Source: Instagram

A nature photographer from Finland named Ossi Saarinen has been capturing many different examples of the Finnish wildlife, but when you see is bird photos, you will melt from top to bottom.

A lot of the birds in his photos look like the real-life prototypes of the Angry Birds movie characters. From all the different bright colors to some little details, the resemblance is remarkable and the photos are truly unique.

Saarinen loves being outdoors and the physical contact with nature. The photographer often spends hours in some forest around the wild life, and even the winter temperatures of minus 20 degrees Celsius could not stop him from doing what he loves the most. He has to be patient and always ready for a perfect shot. Saarinen likes to think that his work would brighten up people’s busy schedules and make them happy. Even better – some of his fans could even get some inspiration to explore nature as well.

Except from amazing birds, he loves taking shots of other animal, especially when they are still babies, like foxes, squirrels, mice, raccoons, ducks and many others.

1. Little Snowflake

Image Source: Instagram

Just look at that tiny little feathered snowball – it looks so precious captured here in all its glory.

2. Grumpy Birdy

Image Source: Instagram

This little guy seems like he is permanently pissed about something and that funny yellow and black stripe on his head makes him look like a punk rocker. His egg-shape makes him adorable, though.

3. Oversized But Still Hungry

Image Source: Instagram

Talking about cuteness overload, you have to appreciate this chubby-looking birdie. Despite looking too heavy already, his hilarious facial expression simply says “Oh, yes, I am definitely eating that, too”.

4. Strike A Pose

Image Source: Instagram

This one looks like he knows he is being photographed and is definitely striking a pose here. But he also has the right looks to show off with – you could probably admire his gorgeous blue shades for a long time.

5. Dance Of Love

Image Source: Instagram

Some of Saarinen’s photos are literally works of art, and this one is no exception. He was lucky enough to capture the right moment, and having the skills he possesses, he was able to snap the beautiful dance of these two love birds.

6. Perfect Hair Day

Image Source: Instagram

Another slightly grumpy guy pictured here. The part that stands out the most is definitely the hairdo – it almost looks like he went to see a professional groomer. Despite the serious face, he is very cute.

7. Thug Bird

Image Source: Instagram

Judging by the appearance of this bird, you might not want to mess with him. He looks so chubby that he is about to roll on one side. The black and white body feathers create a rather stylish outfit for this bad guy.

8. The Mighty Bird

Image Source: Instagram

This is another true work of art – the patience and the skills have paid off to Saarinen again. The photograph is amazingly beautiful and powerful.

9. A Good Day For Posing

Image Source: Instagram

The last bird on the list is captured in a perfect pose, showing the dense and delicate feathering in warm blending colors.

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