A Man And His Dog Started The Awesome “Twinning” Trend And The Photos Are Amazing

Image Source: Twitter

24-years-old Liam Rice from the Isle of Man probably had no idea that the selfies with his gorgeous husky dog Luna that he tweeted would spark a new trend.

He says that he felt strange when he went viral, because he thinks that you should go viral if you productive and actually did something. All he did was upload the photos, and the next day his phone was actually blocked with notifications.

Rice loves animals and he works in an animal care office. He has five cats except Luna and he considers himself lucky because he works his dream job. He is responsible for the care of the dogs at the center and for finding them new homes. He often goes to the rescue of a cat or a dog, but sometimes they have to save the lives of wild animals like seals, for example.

The Isle of Man is a small and rather wild island located between Great Britain and Ireland. It is popular with its rich culture and the reputation of a tax heaven and Rice feels it is the perfect place for him. However, he admits that he sometimes feels a little isolated and he thinks it would be hard to find a soul mate, because the population on the island is limited. This is hardly a problem anymore, because Rice has now been connected to hundreds of thousands of people who retweeted his post and thousands who actually followed his trend.

Check out the photos below and prepare to fall in love with this new trend.

1. Liam Rice And Luna

Here’s a picture of Liam Rice and Luna – the duo who initiated this amazing trend without even realizing it. Luna apparently loves to mock her owner’s facial expressions, and she is really good at it.

2. A Player And His Cat

Image Source: Twitter

Talking about a break from the busy everyday schedule, it seems like these two are able to rest and show some attitude at the same time.

3. Double Collar Of Shame

Image Source: Twitter

If you really love your canine friend, you have to show support and sympathy during the hard times. The owner of this husky found the perfect way to comfort his friend and to show that he is not alone.

4. Two Lovely Ladies

Image Source: Twitter

When you have the looks and you know it, you probably have to demonstrate the right kind of attitude as well. This pair knows they look fabulous and they certainly know it.

5. Cuddle Buddies

Image Source: Twitter

The joy of an afternoon sleep is even bigger if you share it with your best buddy. These two look like they are experiencing a similar amount of happiness judging by their smiles.

6. The Eyes Say It All

Image Source: Twitter

A stunning example of how big the resemblance between an owner and his pet could be. The look in their eyes is basically the same, and would be safe to say that they belong to each other.

7. Sleeping In Bliss

Image Source: Twitter

This is another set of sleepy owner and pet. They both look in utter bliss, and the matching sleepy eyes are adorable.

8. Just Clowning Around

Making a funny face can be ever funnier, if the faces are two. But when the second character in the picture is your canine, things become hilarious!

9. Two Silly Smiles

Image Source: Twitter

These two are obviously overjoyed and are not afraid to show it with these funny smiles. Not to mention that they are almost complete lookalikes.

10. Matching Outfits Are A Thing

Image Source: Twitter

This photo is very cute because of the matching sweaters, but you have to admit that the owner looks way happier about wearing them than the dog. Guess he didn’t like the color.

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