A Dutch Artist Painted Bookcase On A Building’s Facade Using The Homeowners’ Favorite Books

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Many people believe that one of the truly marvelous ways people express their genius s through art. The best thing about art is that it comes in many different forms! In our opinion, the best kind of art is the one that leaves an impact on many people. Making a difference is exactly what many artists are after, and we admire that.

The following story is all about the kind of art that is made to impress and to inspire people, as well as to make their lives better. Considered to be controversial, graffiti is the kind of art we always like to see. Of course, we don’t mean the kind that only aims to serve as an act of vandalism. This article will show the work one street artist created: it is like nothing we have seen before. Jan Is De Man knows how to create graffiti! His work is absolutely stunning and the project shown below is probably the best part of his portfolio. The Dutch artist only aims to bond communities together, which is why he chooses the facades of buildings with multiple families living in them. His aim is to make the people living inside feel better and to create a connection between them that would make their everyday lives richer.
Jan Is De Man did exactly that with the building pictured below. The 3D art he was able to create is out of this world. The building located in Utrecht, Netherlands, received a makeover like no other. The amazingly realistic bookcase was created with the help of another street artist named Deef Feed. The bookcase is enormous and the best part is that the books it holds are among all the residents’ favorite titles. This is one super cool idea and we wish all neighborhoods featured this kind of art.

This is how to see more of the amazing projects these artists are capable of:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/janisdeman/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JanIsDeMan-372723642798458/

1. The mural

Image Source: Instagram

As you can see, the mural is definitely one of the most stunning works of street art we have seen lately. The scale of the artwork is impressive, but what is more impressive is the level of detail! We love the idea behind this piece.

2. People love seeing it

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It appears that it doesn’t take for someone to be an artist or to know about art for them to appreciate a truly unique piece when they see it. This man stopped by the mural to admire it, and he was probably amazed to see it.

3. Seeing the mural is exciting

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We are convinced that many people who got the chance to pass by this mural in Utrecht were more than happy to admire it. Most of them probably took a couple of pictures so they could share what they saw with their friends.

4. We like all the small touches

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There are huge wall murals that express certain kinds of mood but they are not as nearly impressive as this one is in terms of detail. As you can see, the small touches on this piece are hundreds and it needs exploring in order to be fully appreciated.

5. The equipment

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Here is one curious photo showing a piece of the equipment the two artists used to create this amazing work of art. It would be impossible for them to paint this without the help of machines like this one, of course.

6. Here is a closer look at the details

Image Source: Instagram

This image shows just how clever the initial design of the mural was. It incorporated all the features of the building, and everything was brought together in on the truly mesmerizing results. The mural is now the perfect background for images like this one. The lady was probably pleased to pose for such an image.

7. The mural is the perfect addition to the landscape

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The urban landscape is now a hundred times better with this mural that makes the whole neighborhood a different place. We are sure that the residents were more than proud to have it on their building.

8. The street art is definitely an uplifting addition to the building

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As this image suggests, people who are enjoying this mural every day are definitely going to have a boost in their mood for a long period of time by just taking a look at it when passing by it.

9. The artist’s friends wanted him to create a project for a long time

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The people living on the first floor of the building knew the artist well and they wanted him to paint something on the building’s façade for a long time. He finally agreed and we are glad he didn’t pain the smiley face which was the original idea for a mural.

10. Here is the piece of art from another point of view

Image Source: Instagram

It appears that regardless of which angle you choose to look at this mural, it is equally amazing! Utrecht became a better place after people like these artists created such a cool thing.

11. Here is one more close-up on the details

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We cannot imagine just how much effort it took for all the small details of the mural to be created, but we are sure that it was well worth it to both the residents of the building and to the artists themselves.

12. This is one of the best images of the mural we could find

Image Source: Instagram

It really seems that no matter how long we stare at this mural, we will not be able to grow tired of it. Sometimes the best things in life are just the ones you see and stop by the admire.

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