A Bulgarian Man Keeps Sticking Googly Eyes On Damaged Street Objects And It’s Amazing

Image Source: eyebombing.bg

Eyebombing is a relatively new term and it is actually a mild and artistic form of vandalism that puts a smile on your face. The art consists of finding the perfects street object and bring it to life by sticking a pair of googly eyes on it. Street artist Vanyu Krastev brought the trend to Bulgaria and as you will see below, his work is pretty awesome. You will not believe how easy it is to turn an everyday object into an animated character. This is a fun approach to damaged objects that can be found on any street, and when you stumble upon an already eyebombed object, you are probably going to like it more than if the damage has just been repaired the old-fashioned way.

After seeing the photos you will have the desire to start eyebombing yourself, we guarantee!


Image Source: Eyebombing

This character looks kind of surprised and scared at the same time, or he probably just realized that he is different than his siblings? Who knows?


Image Source: Eyebombing

There probably isn’t a face that has more amazement written on it than the character on this picture. The eyes are placed perfectly to create this guy, whose jaw is about to hit the ground. We wonder what did he see to have such a reaction?


Image Source: Eyebombing

This parking pole seems to be quite angry, judging by the facial expression. The guy who broke it better apologize, or the pole might get even grumpier!


Image Source: Eyebombing

You are looking at one happy concrete flower pot! The broken piece makes the perfect chubby face with the biggest and happiest smile on it, guaranteed to make you smile, too!


Image Source: Eyebombing

This trash bin is probably one of the friendliest out there. If everyone did their job with such a smile on their face, the world would be a far better place to live.


Image Source: Eyebombing

The lighting pole pictured here seems to be a bit embarrassed and surprised at the same time. We think that he noticed all the rust on him when he got the set of googly eyes.


Image Source: Eyebombing

The amazement in this object’s eyes is clearly huge, and maybe that is due to the fact that it probably is supposed to represent a frog that has been stepped on. Ouch!


Image Source: Eyebombing

Yet another parking pole, but this time you see a face that indicates a reaction to a nice surprise, like he just thought that a car was about to hit him again, but stopped just in time. It must be tough to be a parking pole.


Image Source: Eyebombing

This couple’s facial expressions suggest that they are fed up with something, and we guess that people step on them all the time.


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