39 Designers Who Definitely Deserve A Creativity Award

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One of the best possible job fields we could imagine is creating different kinds of design! It is definitely a dream but it is not for everyone! It takes a certain kind of talent, and it also requires having the vision only a few people among us are blessed to have! The list below shows some of the best things designers were able to create, and we love each and every one of them!

1. The best ideas are always the simplest ones

Image Source: livejournal.com

As you can see, this bottle is the perfect gift! One of the reasons is the quality of its contents, and the other is the fact that it resembles a bouquet when turned backwards!

2. This is our kind of marketing

Image Source: Imgur

This is one setup that does not look like much but it is a clever piece of advertising! That sign was designed to look like that, and the logo belongs to a job website!

3. We love humor incorporated in the desing

Image Source: Imgur

Now this is one clever idea and we like the fact that they really pulled off something like this!

4. Here is how you advertise a business the right way

Image Source: Thechive.com

If you are able to create something witty and eye-catching, then you would definitely attract more customers than you intended to!

5. Here is a piece of product design we appreciate

Image Source: Reddit

Well, seeing this product was more than enough to convince us to buy it! We want a few of these right now!

6. This is how every fruit juice cap should look like

Image Source: Reddit

Some unknown creative mind was able to transform the way a twist-off cap looks like!

7. Here is how you can make some fast money

Image Source: Botasot.info

This is one conflict that would go on forever and someone took advantage of it to make money!

8. Every public restroom should have these

Image Source: Imgur

As we already mentioned, the best ideas are simple in most cases, and this is one brilliant example!

9. Here an example of our favorite type of marketing

Image Source: Thechive

This is how things are done! We would gladly visit this hairdresser and have our hair done!


Image Source: Imgur

11. This is one cheeky thing to do

Image Source: Imgur

While some peopel deceive their customers intentionally, these people did it just for laughs!

12. This is the same idea  done somewhere else

Image Source: Imgur

It appears that this idea would be applicaple for many bars, pubs and diners! We love this type of marketing!

13. This is just brilliant

Image Source: Reddit

This bag of chips features a second place where you can tear it down so you will not get your hand all dirty while digging inside!

14. We love yoghurt

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that all it takes is some clever design if you want to set your product apart from the competition!

15. This toothbrush enables you yo squeeze everything from the toothpaste tube

Image Source: Pikabu.ru

Getting the last few grams of toothpaste out of the tube is always a struggle, but not anymore!

16. There are lights that indicate which parking spot is empty

Image Source: Imgur

The lights can be seen from a far distance and enable you to find a free space from tens of yards away!

17. This package has a certain vintage feeling to it

Image Source: Reddit

It shows just how clever product design can be and how creative designers are!

18. This is the shopping cart of our dreams

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this needs to be introduced to every store out there, especially the bigger ones!

19. Here is how one Lego store looks like

Image Source: Imgur

They designed the ceiling to resemble a Lego block from underneath, and we love this cool idea!

20. This is what we call a nice display

Image Source: Reddit

This store uses scale models of the tents they sell, which gives customers the best possible description of each product!

21. Even tea bags can have a cool design

Image Source: Imgur

It might not look like much, but wait until the tea dissolves.

Image Source: Imgur

Once this happens, you are able to see the design of the tea bag come to life!

22. Tesla does not need to spend millions on advertising

Image Source: Reddit

The company’s most efficient marketing strategy is to simply show what the people there are capable of!

23. These cupcake boxes are too cute

Image Source: Imgur

We firmly believe that the package can sell a product even if you don’t need it, and these boxes made us crave the cupcakes inside!

24. This is another example of brilliant packaging design

Image Source: Imgur

We love how some designer seem to be able to nail the single most perfecr design possible, just like in this case!

25. This is a neat idea

Image Source: Imgur

We honestly cannot think of a better product design than this one! It needs to be everywhere!

26. This is something we have always wanted someone to come up with

Image Source: Imgur

We have done the same using a napkin but having such a holder that is built-in brings things on another level!

27. These juice containers are as cool as they can get!

Image Source: Imgur

If these are an actual thing, we would buy them every time we make trip to the store!

28. This pun was definitely intended

Image Source: Imgur

This is the most unusual breafast package we have seen, but we guess it is a clever idea!

29. This is just beautiful

Image Source: 123ru.net

If you are a foodie like us and you love pizza more than anything, this box is everything you need to be happy!

30. Here is how you can squeeze those last drops out

Image Source: 123ru.net

We are more than certain that this is the most futuristic beverage container we have ever seen!

31. We need this in our life

Image Source: 123ru.net

The struggle of holding your breakfast and the usual cup of coffee with only one hand will become a thing of the past.

32. Labels are not meant to be boring

Image Source: 123ru.net

This bottle features the most unusual label – you can fold it into an origami!

33. Here is another interactive label

Image Source: 123ru.net

We guess that every customer would love to participate in the design of these labels!

34. These are the best cups of coffee ever

Image Source: 123ru.net

Since we spend every morning holding a cup of coffee, it better look like this!

35. We love the colors of these bottles

Image Source: 123ru.net

The juice bottles you see were given an appearance that resembles the type of fruit their contents are made of.

36. Here is the simplest possible design

Image Source: 123ru.net

This bg is transparent but the sketched contour really give it character!

37. Here is a neat slice of pizza

Image Source: 123ru.net


38. This elevator is not for the faint of heart

Image Source: blogspot.com

We love how realistic the floor turned out to be!

39. This is one unusual wall mural

Image Source: Funnyandhumorous.com

The 3D effect is definitely something curious!

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