31 Times When People Understood That Karma Is Real

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If you have ever experienced how the laws of karma work, you do not need any proof that they are a real thing, but many people do not believe that karma exists at all. Perhaps the list below would be enough to show them that it exists, and people experience it all the time without even knowing that they have been served up by it. Anyone who wants to do something bad intentionally or tries to escape from taking responsibility for their actions would have to deal with the consequences!


1. This is one cool story

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We guess that two wrongs sometimes make a right, and this is one of the best possible examples! As you can see, what comes around really goes around.

2. This is the aftermath of a hit-and-run

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Fortunately for this driver, the person who did was caught because she ran out of fuel and thanks to witnesses who saw the whole thing.

3. This is a real bummer

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Someone decided to left without paying for their dinner, but forgot their sunglasses worth much more than the cost of the meal!

4. Now this is what we call karma

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This is another hit-and-run, but this time the guilty driver did not realize their license plate got stuck like this!

5. Joking around with a friend can actually mean the joke is on you

Image Source: Taringa.net

This person decided to act funny the whole thing backfired and you can see the result!

6. Here is how the some joke backfires in another way

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that whoever took the photo wanted to teach the bigger kid a lesson!

7. This sign was supposed to warn about the danger of falling rocks

Image Source: Imgur

Well, the rocks crushed the sign by accident, because they could not read it, of course!

8. Here is how you teach someone a lesson

Image Source: Reddit

You can be sure that this driver would never park their vehicle there again!

9. This is why you should never park on the beach

Image Source: Imgur

Some people like to show off by driving and parking on the beach, and this person was one of them.

10. This is how things are done

Image Source: piximus.net

We salute this person for teaching the woman a lesson. Kindness goes a long way!

11. We guess that this was a serious matter

Image Source: piximus.net

Stealing someone’s lunch is a mean thing to do, and we believe this person had the worst of luck.

12. This is the right thing to do

Image Source: piximus.net

Someone gave their colleagues a parking fine and this is how things should be done!

13. It seems that hit-and-run incidents are a common thing

Image Source: coconutsky.club

This person found the bumper and the license plate of the driver who hit his car and ran away.

14. This is what this driver deserved

Image Source: Imgur

Some drivers have a complete disregard for traffic rules but the owner of the Smart car decided to teach him a lesson.

15. Here is another example of bad parking manners

Image Source: Imgur

People should pay attention to signs and road markings, or this could happen to them!

16. We admire this mom’s behaviour

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Everyone needs to suffer the consequences of their actions, and this kid knows how that feels like!

17. The walk of shame

Image Source: piximus.net

We believe that this kind of punishment is definitely something that needs to be introduced everywhere!

18. We like this PD’s attitude

Image Source: piximus.net

The people at this police department know how to be sarcastic and we love their idea!

19. This person definitely regrets stealing from Walmart

Image Source: piximus.net

This punishment is something  that you would not forget as long as you live, so we approve it!

20. Nobody is spared for parking illegally

Image Source: piximus.net

As you an see, a German police car is towed away because of illegal parking! Rules are for everyone!

21. Here is another similar situation

Image Source: piximus.net

Some government officials and employees believe that the rules do not apply for them, but they are wrong.

22. This happens in the U.S., too

Image Source: piximus.net

If a driver parked their car ilegally, they will be towed away, despite the fact that it might be a patrol car.

23. Here is why you should never park to a fire hydrant

Image Source: piximus.net

This person learned a valuable lesson the hard way, and they will never park near a hydrant again!

24. This is something new

Image Source: telegraf.com

Cats napping on laptops are a common sight be have never seen the opposite before!

25. This is another example of an embarrassing punishment

Image Source: postize.com

This person definitely regrets doing what the did, and he would probably never do it again.

26. This woman got her revenge

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that it was one of the best ways to seek revenge on her husband, and we like the idea!

27. Here is another similar case

Image Source: Reddit

Maybe it would have been more effective if they put up their photos, too, but that might be illegal!

28. Now this is a situation we never want to be in

Image Source: Imgur

This person probably neglected to change the toilet paper roll on multiple occasions, and someone in the house decided to teach them a lesson.

29. Pinky should not be behind the wheel

Image Source: piximus.net

This woman learned a lesson and realized that she was reckless for doing what she did!

30. This woman is not playing around

Image Source: div

She definitely caught all the attention and this was the whole idea, of course!

31. This driver was in a hurry

Image Source: Reddit

He wanted to escape traffic and he attempted to go around the cars in front of him, but drove his Porsche into a section which was under construction!

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