30 Of The Stupedest Things People Wrote On Social Media For 2020 So Far

Image Source: Reddit

There are moments when we are not in a good mood or when we are tired – in such moments we tend to say or do things that are not as smart or as accurate as we believe them to be. Still, there are people whose posts are sometimes as stupid as can be and one cannot help but wonder what were they thinking. The list below shares such moments when people posted dumb things without even realizing it.

1. The ultimatum 

Image Source: Reddit

Some people have never heard or used a word or a phrase before and when they finally need to use it, the situation often looks like the one in the image above.

2. The Cadilac 

Image Source: funny

Here is another person who wanted to say “quarantined” but had no idea that it was an actual word, so this happened instead.

3. The middle ages

Image Source: Reddit

Well, here is a person who was able to see the thing they wrote and they were also able to answer their question after thinking about it.

4. The salmonella 

Image Source: izismile

Here is yet another example of how one person wanted to ask a certain question but had trouble figuring out how to write the word they were thinking of.

5. The PC

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that this person is not fully aware of the concept behind a laptop and we are convinced that they don’t know what PC stands for either.

6. The bored person

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one person who not only did allow a huge mistake but was also quick ot shut down someone who mocked her without her even realizing it.

7. The point

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one person insisted that there are similar ingredients between detegent pods and vaccines but one person shut them down fast.

8. The time

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one person who thought that they discovered something but in reality it was not such an impressive fact.

9. The Office

Image Source: Reddit

We are not sure what a “meaty okra” might be but we are more than certain that this person wanted to write mediocre instead.

10. The answer

Image Source: Reddit

This person was quick to answer and they even had the audacity to mock the person who posted it but the answer was wrong.

11. The flamingos 

Image Source: Reddit

Needless to say, this person had no idea that a flamingo was an actual word and believe that these birds were flaming gulls.

12. The age

Image Source: Imgur

Here is one person who obviously thought that the first year of the calendar was actually the year when America was founded.

13. The library 

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one thing that we never thought we would see. It appears that this person has never been to a library before.

14. The immune system

Image Source: Imgur

It appears that people are sometimes convinced about things that are exactly the opposite compared to their beliefs. In this case, things were too embarassing.

15. The math

Image Source: Facebook

There are moments when we think about hard calculations but this is one of the simplest ones possible.

16. The hair

Image Source: Pinterest

Here is another example of how people sometimes have no idea how to write something but they also do not bother to check.

17. The thermometer 

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that this person was not aware of the dangers of even touching this substance and they should know better.

18. The pregnancy 

Image Source: Imgur

We are not sure if the person who commented on this post was kidding or they actually thought that this calculation was correct.

19. The distance 

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that this person wanted to mock a large group of people but failed to realize what they wrote was inaccurate.

20. The saying

Image Source: Imgur

Working 24/7 means that you work all the days of the week but this person had no idea about that fact.

21. The cocktail

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is something we would have never guessed unless the other person replied to the conversation.

22. The paragraph

Image Source: Imgur

This person had a specific thing to say but their choice of words was actually not correct. The right word is photograph, of course.

23. The drill bit 

Image Source: Reddit

The drill bit this person ordered is probably the biggest one we have seen and we guess this person will be careful next time when they order things.

24. The major

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another conversation that became awkward fast because one of the people involved had no idea what they were talking about.

25. The note

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one of the funniest things we have seen in a while and you can see why. Nobody would like to use a hand fertilizer.

26. The offer

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that this person was not entitely aware of the offer they were looking at was about. It became apparent that the table was for sale.

27. The plates

Image Source: Imgur

We thought this was a joke but we guess that someone really tried to dry their plates inside a laundry drier.

28. The name

Image Source: Imgur

Here is one person who was not aware of the fact they were wrong so they posted what they thought was something clever.

29. The elephant

Image Source: Reddit

This person needs to remember the biology classes from school, if she actually attended at least one, that is.

30. The position 

Image Source: Imgur

This person’s post is full of rage and insults but they hardly realized they made a fool out of themselves. Hawaii is still a part of the U.S.

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