30 Hilarious Images Showing How Classical Paintings Can Be Interpreted In A Hilarious Way

Image Source: Reddit

We really love art in all its forms and we are sure that everyone has their own favorite kind. Even better, we believe that every individual has at least one artistic talent! However, there are not many people out there who can be considered to be good artists. This is especially true when it comes to a comparison between a classical painting and the work of art done by someone who thinks they can paint. Maybe those people will like the following list a lot, because it shows works of art they would never be able to recreate, but it also adds the funniest captions possible, giving the paintings a whole new meaning! The compilation below is more than hilarious!

1. This is just too funny

Image Source: Reddit

We know the fashion trends were different a couple of centuries ago, but this is one funny dress.

2. The comparison is really nice

Image Source: Twitter

The comparison made here is fairly accurate and we accept the painting in a totally different way now.

3. Judas definitely left no personal space to other

Image Source: Facebook

It is clear to see that Judas always went a bit too close and took over others’ personal space.

4. Sometimes people exaggerate things

Image Source: Imgur

We have all heard stories about the tough times our grandparents went through but it was hardly like this.

5. The camera does not love everyone

Image Source: Facebook

Sometimes good-looking people look entirely different in photos. Not everyone is photogenic.

6. Here is one that is rather gruesome

Image Source: Reddit

This is a creepy painting but the caption has a lot of truth to it! We are much more civilized now.

7. Midlife crisis can happen anytime

Image Source: Facebook

The person on this painting looks like she just experienced her midlife crisis after she decided to have one.

8. This one is brilliant

Image Source: Reddit

We laughed hard at this one because it happens much too often and it looks exactly like that.

9. These talks are always about something similar

Image Source: Pinterest

Just looking at these women’s faces and reading the added dialogue is enough to make some people relate.

10. Rules are meant to be broken

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that this person pokes the skull on purpose just like people touch item they are not supposed to.

11. This is both gruesome and funny

Image Source: Reddit

Well, you know how this story goes, which makes the added caption really appropriate.

12. Here is an interesting piece of art

Image Source: Reddit

The caption above is super funny but we wonder why the artist made the faces appear to be so bored.

13. Not this is something curious

Image Source: Reddit

The woman on the image was probably supposed to look like she was protecting her child in the battle.

14. This is beyond relatable

Image Source: Instagram

It appears that a 100% of the students who see this would immediately relate to the funny caption.

15. There is ‘lazy’ written all over this painting

Image Source: MemeXYZ

No wonder someone tweaked the meaning of this piece of art in this way. It was the only way!

16. Here is a kitty perfectly aware of what’s about to happen

Image SOurce: Facebook

This cat’s face says that it is proud of the fact that it is about to eat the humans’ food.

17. The best modern interpretation so far

Image Source: Pinterest

With that gluten-free food craze that is everywhere these days, the added dialogue here is spot on!

18. Selfies were a lot different back in the day

https://www.reddit.com/r/trippinthroughtime/comments/8i1tdf/can_we_take_another_one/Image Source: Reddit

Now you can take a photo and immediately delete it, but posing for countless hours was hard!

19. Now this is a grim caption

Image Source: Reddit

This grim caption really suits this painting and especially the look of the person in it!

20. We wish we could not relate to this one

Image Source: Facebook

It seems that we are not the only ones who could relate to this image and this is a sad fact, actually.

21. The boss is in control

Image Source: Reddit

These kids look like they were about to begin a large project but they are still children, after all.

22. This is a bummer every time

Image Source: Reddit

We really find it frustrating. You just sat down to take a break and someone calls you over again.

23. We have all been there

Image Source: Reddit

This is the type of specific splash that can make the hairs on your skin stand right up!

24. This is the kind of a hotel we despise

Image Source: Reddit

Most of us have been to hotels which always use deceiving methods to attract guests.

25. We all know at least one person like that

Image Source: Imgur

People’s favorite thing to do is judge you for the very same things they do or used to do.

26. This is so accurate it hurts

Image Source: Reddit

Family feuds are fairly easy to begin but politics is the number one topic to start the fire.

27. Here is another really relatable piece

Image Source: Imgur

Trying to hide from your problems cannot be visualized better than using this classical painting.

28. Joint accounts on social media look like this

Image Source: Facebook

We have always wondered why a couple would create a joint social media profile. They are still different persons.

29. These people should not worry about the result of their work

Image Source: Reddit

In modern times we have seen worse attempts that are called art and we are not amused by that fact.

30. Here is something we often experience

Image Source: Instagram

It is difficult to see if someone is waving directly at you when you are standing among other people.

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