30 Creative Christmas Tree Decorations That Will Let You Win Christmas

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It has probably been weeks since you decorated your home for Christmas, right? That surely includes the Christmas tree, too. Well, you might as well take a look at these amazing and funny ideas! There are a lot of witty ideas! Enjoy the list!

1. This is true art

Image Source: Reddit

Here is what happens when a creative librarian takes over the decoration process.

2. Here is a lab Christmas tree

Image Source: Reddit

It took a lot of effort for this tree to be set up but it was worth it.

3. This is an incredible idea

Image Source: Reddit

You have probably never seen a Christmas tree made entirely of living succulents!

4. Deployed soldiers did their best

Image Source: Reddit

This is a nice setup considering the fact that the soldiers had basically nothing to start with.

5. This is a creative idea

Image Source: Reddit

The portal Christmas tree is definitely not something you see every day!

6. Here is something really crafty

Image Source: Facebook

This is the perfect tree for any classic man cave, don’t you think?

7. This is another piece of art

Image Source: Reddit

It is no surprise but we will mention it anyway! This tree was set up in an Art Center.

8. Here is a Sheriff’s Office version of a Christmas tree

Image Source: Reddit

The details they chose to incorporate are amazing, especially the police line!

9. This is a different meaning of a ‘green tree’

Image Source: Instagram

Someone decided to use plastic bottles in order to create an eco-friendly tree and it looks cool!

10. Here is a tree setup at a tech company

Image Source: Reddit

This is a nice and funny idea and the tech company is the best place for it!

11. This is one of the best trees on the list

Image Source: Reddit

This enchanting tree is a true work of art and it features amazing details!

12. Lab workers create awesome things

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that having special skills enables people to do really special things!

13. This tree consists of veggies

Image Source: Reddit

This is amazing because it enables you to prepare the salad while standing next to the Christmas tree.

14. Here is a tree that goes through the roof

Image Source: Reddit

We suspect that this is a setup and it was meant to look that way. The roof is okay.

15. This is an alternative gingerbread tree

Image Source: Reddit

The binary code created using these symbols actually spells ‘Christmas tree’ which is awesome!

16. Whoever created this setup was really inspired

Image Source: Reddit

And it is clear the inspiration came from the ‘Stranger Things’ series.

17. Here is a digital tree

Image Source: Reddit

It might appear to be geeky but we love the way these monitors were synced and aligned.

18. The tw0-faced Christmas tree

Image Source: Reddit

The reason behind the existence of this tree was more than obvious – there was an argument!

19. Here is another field version of a Christmas tree

Image Source: Reddit

This is another good example of a nice improvisation and we approve it.

20. This is an alien tree

Image Source: Instagram

Of all the creative ideas, this one seems to be the best in terms of execution.

21. Here is a minimalist idea

Image Source: Reddit

If you love minimalist interiors, this idea would probably be the perfect solution for you.

22. This looks like it came out of a fairytale

Image Source: Reddit

Some people may consider this to be tacky, but we think that it is an awesome idea.

23. Here is another clever interpretation

Image Source: Elledecoration

This is a good idea for all the people who want something different.

24. Star Wars fans would be delighted to see this

Image Source: Reddit

This is definitely not the typical merry type of decorations, but many people will love it.

25. Here is an idea for cat owners

Image Source: Instagram

If you are fed up with your cats ruining the Christmas tree, this one is for you.

26. This is one auto repair shop’s tree

Image Source: Imgur

It does not look like much, but it took some time and a skilled hand for it to be completed.

27. Here is a shoe tree like no other

Image Source: Instagram

This magnificent setup was created using only ballet shoes which is a neat idea.

28. This is a Californian tree

Image Source: Instagram

This might appear as a strange idea but considering the fact it is in San Diego, we get the point it makes!

29. Here is another lab experiment

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that lab workers come up with the best ideas! This chemical elements tree is amazing!

30. This is one of the best trees on the list for sure

Image Source: Instagram

This levitating marvel looks surreal but we hope there are not pets in the house.

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