27 Times Service Workers Shared The Worst Tips They Ever Got

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Working in the retail or service sector is often challenging, to say the least. People are sometimes difficult to put up with and the list below shares some reasons to back up that claim. It seems that these examples would be more than enough to make you believe that is true.

1. The tequila 

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Here is one story that could make anyone cringe. We believe that such behavior is hard to be tolerated but there is no argument in the fact that the customer is always right.

2. The joke

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It seems that this person was the only one in the world to receive this instead of a tip. We are convinced that the person who served these people could not believe that at first.

3. The gratitude

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If a client is not happy with the service, they could simply state it without having the need to be rude about it. In this case, one person was way too specific about their gratitude.

4. The excuse

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Here is something that this person actually bragged about. It seems they used their kids as an excuse not to leave a tip often. We believe this would never serve as a real excuse.

5. The waitress

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There is no telling how many people had to go through similar things. Even if the waitress did not behave as expected, leaving this at the table would surely be too much.

6. The table

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It seems that these people made it extra sure that they did not want to leave a tip. They wrote the zeros as you see them despite the fact they were seven people who walked in 30 minutes before closing time.

7. The bill

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Not every server has the chance to brag about receiving a million dollars as a tip for their work. In this case, a million bucks can never be spent because they are not real.

8. The piece

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We are not entirely sure what happened here but someone obviously tried to leave a quarter to their one-dollar bill. This sounds like a joke and we believe it was, but a rather inappropriate one.

9. The name

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Some people even have the audacity to leave their name when they decide not to tip the waiter. This person even decided to add a drawing if their reaction which is absurd.

10. The remark

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We understand that not having enough money to tip the server would pass as an excuse in some cases. This, however, is something completely different. This person had the nerve to leave a vile remark.

11. The message

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Here is a classic example of how some people believe the whole world owes them something. It does not matter what this person did previously because the server deserves decent pay.

12. The excuse

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We guess that being a single mother is yet another excuse some people have when they need to tip the server but this person’s bill does not speak of insufficient funds.

13. The brochure 

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We cannot believe that someone decided to leave this instead of an actual tip but it seems that it is true. It looks like this person was baffled to see what the brochure was all about.

14. The nerve

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Here is another person who believes that they deserve some free stuff. It appears that people are sometimes too entitled to feel the need to tip others for their service.

15. The mother

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Here is the kind of unacceptable behavior that we don’t want to see but we are forced to put up with on a daily basis. It seems that those who leave such notes are not the kind of people we should tolerate.

16. The absurd note

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Some people really take their time and make sure they are the kind of human beings that always prefer to be extra even when they want to hurt someone’s feelings.

17. The age

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Some people really cannot be pleased no matter what you do. It appears that this is one of those people. The server did their job and did not serve alcohol to someone below 21 but you can see the result.

18. The opinion

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It seems that people these days can get offended even when you want to make their day better. This person failed to understand that this greeting had nothing to do with religion.

19. The offense

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This person left a tiny tip that was less than one percent of their entire tab. This is not the biggest offense in this case – you can see what the person wrote on the bill.

20. The joke

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Vile jokes are everywhere and this server experienced one. Someone tried to make a fool out of the server but this whole attempt was not impressive at all.

21. The advice

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Here is yet another person who was rude enough to write this on their receipt and we guess that there are more cases like this one than we assumed. Such behavior is unacceptable.

22. The dinner

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This person decided to brag about their awful idea and they were convinced it was a great idea. Imagine how awful these people must be to come up with this and conduct experiments.

23. The vile remark

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This has nothing to do with refusing to give a tip because the person who served their table had the right to be whatever they wanted. Offending someone like that is a huge no-no.

24. The tip

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Of all the ridiculous reasons why someone would leave such an offensive tip, this one must be on top of that list. Masks are a must if we want to be healthy and safe.

25. The note 

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Imagine how a father of several children decided to use one of their crayons to write this on a mask they were obliged to wear and that was provided by the diner. This is just outrageous but people do it, we guess.

26. The total

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Not only did this person decided to share their personal political views but the total is one cent less than the actual tab.

27. The money

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Here is yet another example of a person who decided to have some fun with a vile joke.

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