27 Relatable Pics That Everyone Aged Between 25 And 33 Would Agree

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Every generation has typical and significant things that all the people who belong to that generation can relate to. Even better, they remember these things and feel nostalgic about them, because they relate them to different experiences and moments. The curious thing is that people from other generations would find it hard to relate or to understand some of these things, which is why this list is addressed mostly to those who are now aged between 25 and 33.

1. Yzma

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Remember Disney’s ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’? Well, this was definitely the best character in the production!

2. This set of plates was a treasure to have

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This was definitely the fanciest possessions a kid could have back then! We guess that some people still keep them in a box somewhere around their homes!

3. This brings back memories

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It often feels like it has been forever since we were teens and whenever we have the chance to recall something from that time, we feel happy!

4. Anastasia

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We have always thought that the 90s were the golden era of animated movies! They are really beautiful and there is a kind of magical feeling you get when you watch them. It is hard to explain but we can really relate to that feeling and you would probably relate, too.

5. These game consoles were a dream

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Not every kid had a Sidekick or a similar device, and those who didn’t own one were definitely jealous of those who got the chance to enjoy it!

6. We all remember this scene

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We still believe that there will never be a greater movie kiss than this one! The intense feeling we got in that moment cannot be compared to anything else!

7. Many people can recall staring at this logo for too long

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This was actually a bit of a struggle! Waiting for the game to load meant that you just had to sit there staring at this logo, and it seemed like an eternity each time!

8. CD wallets were an actual thing

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This was a life saver, because it contained lots of information, pictures and music! The only thing about it is that we had to rearrange the CDs inside often.

9. Hocus Pocus was the best thing to watch around Halloween

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We were so used to Hocus Pocus that we relate Halloween with it, and we guess that you haven’t felt the true spirit of that time of the year unless you saw it at least once!

10. T.A.T.U.

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This will definitely bring back some memories! Music was different 15 years ago, and many new musical projects emerged, some of which were as controversial as this girl duo, who claimed they were in a relationship, but they were not!

11. Usher

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When it comes to party starters, Usher was the one who could immediately bring a crowd on their feet! All he had to do is say the magic words and make the peace sign!

12. Cheesecake was best served in this form

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Chances are that you remember these, and the heavenly taste is something that we could still sense! There was literally no better way to enjoy cheesecake!

13. Dilemma

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Kelly Rowland and Nelly were able to make a track that will forever remain as one of the most popular and loved duet songs! The track sounds trendy even today!

14. iPods were the ultimate gadget

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Seeing this caused some flashbacks! The iPod was our favorite possession, and we still remember the specific way in which the button of the device clicked when pressed.

15. Justin Timberlake in Punk’d

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Chances are that you remember Punk’d! It was super fun to watch, and one of the most iconic moments was when Timberlake actually cried on the show, despite the fact he denies it!

16. The time when The Muppet Show did Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

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We have seen multiple adaptations of it before, but this one remains as the best ever! We would love to see it again after all those years!

17. We all had stacks of VHS tapes

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Can you remember the specific smell these used to have? The plastic used for their productions smelled really good!

18. Regular computer mouse maintenance was needed 

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Today’s gadgets are different than the ones back in the day. When we had computer mice with a ball, we had to clean it often because it used to get clogged with dust!

19. AIM

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Today’s kids have hundreds of ways to instantly communicate but it was a lot different back then! As you can probaby remember, the AIM was the fastest possible way to do that!

20. The iMac

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We cannot believe how cool the iMac still looks after more than two decades since his premiere! The PC had a cool translucent design and having one of those was a reason to be proud!

21. The Lion King was inspirational in more ways than one

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Nobody could resist doing this after picking up a real baby with their hands! It was simply something you had to do!

22. That Bill Clinton speech you heard instead of your favorite tune

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We used to get really frustrated when we heard this over and over again! People were really mean to do such a thing and we wasted quite some time downloading what turned out to be rubbish.

23. The DisMissed show

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Dating world has been hard for as long as we can remember and this show had some suggestions about what we could do about that!

24. We remember when the Harry Potter craze began

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There were huge events when another book was issued and everyone had to read it immediately after buying to avoid someone spoiling the fun for them.

25. This was the last thing we wanted to see

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We used to press the Internet button on our phones by accident and we prayed that there was no extra charge added to our bill!

26. Bring it on

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We refuse to believe that it has been almost 20 years after Bring It On was released!

27. This was one of the best things you could have for lunch

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We could still sense the taste of these pizzas! It seems that no pizza will ever taste the same, which is a shame.

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