25 People Whose Ideas Proved They Are Pure Geniuses

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We always appreciate a good idea when we see it. Of course, if it is something that we can use, we immediately adopt that idea! Sharing such neat tricks and hacks is a must, and many people do it, which is the reason why this list exists! The images below are full of great ideas that can make anyone’s daily agenda a lot easier!

1. This is the thing to do if your kid does not want to take his medicine

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We are more than certain that most parents have such a problem, which is why this solutions is worth trying! It would work for sure!

2. Here is how you can upgrade a dishwasher

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A simple dish rack can make dishwashing easier. You know how plastic boxes always turn to the side or upside down, right? Wel, just use a rack like that and secure them in place.

3. This is a simple solution

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If you need to go somewhere for a few days and you have nobody to leave yoour plants to, just use this bottle trick. They wil be just fine for a few days!

4. Here is a simple way to organize any notebook

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We are more than sure that someone out there already came up with this idea, but it is the first time we see it and we will definitely use it, too.

5. This will hape you wake up

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Hitting that snooze button multiple times would become a thing of the past once you use this hack. Of course, it could be painful the first time, but you will adopt the habit of waking up early!

6. This dad is a genius

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When his daughter insisted of watching the New Year’s Eve ball drop, he simple found a video of last year’s ceremony online and played it. This is so cool!

7. Here is how you can save some space in the freezer

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People say that the best ideas are also the simplest ones and we need to agree! Just looking at this clever hack makes us wonder why we never thought of the same thing earlier.

8. This person reused a part of their child’s baby crib

Image Source: Reddit

If you no longer need the baby crib of your kid, do not throw it away. You can repurpose it in multiple ways. This tie organizer is just one suggestion!

9. Here is how to protect your toddler from a razor

Image Source: Reddit

Kids are curious and this might be dangerous. If you want to prevent them from cutting themselves on a sharp razor, this is a clever way to do it.

10. Protecting your kid from the scorching sun is easy

Image Source: Pikabu.ru

You can still spend the whole day outside and let your kid enjoy playtime without worrying about the heat. Just place a tent over the sandbox!

11. Decorating next Christmas will be easy

Image Source: Reddit

Decorating for Christmas is a time-consuming task and you can easily lose a few hours doing it. However, there is a clever way to avoid the hustle and bustle next year!

12. We wish we knew this earlier

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something that could literally be a life saver for someone! We knew about the hack with the tinfoil but it never occured to us that coins could do the same.

13. Here is something for those who hate ironing

Image Source: Reddit

It might look like a lot of work but all you need is a stove and something to heat water in. Simply hang the shirt above and wait!

14. This is another space-saving hack

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that the space in the fridge is never enough for most people, including us! A set of chopsticks would enable you to neatly pile up different items inside.

15. Having fries will never be the same

Image Source: Reddit

You can avoid the usual mess next time you order fast food on the go! Instead of pouring ketchup on a piece of napkin, you can do it using the plastic soda lid!

16. Say goodbye to tangled wires

Image Source: Reddit

This is how a simple hair clip could save you the constant annoying tasks of untagling a bunch of cords! It is an idea that we will definitely use!

17. Here is a how a hammer can be turned into a kitchen tool

Image Source: Reddit

This woman needed a meat tenderizer but there was no such tool around, so she thought that she would improvise. Her idea is actually pretty good and clever!

18. Use this hack next time you check in a hotel

Image Source: Reddit

We always thought that this was an annoying solution for hotels to use and we are glad to see there is an alternative way! Now you can leave the A/C or the heater on while you are not in the room!

19. This is just not right

Image Source: pikabu.ru

We guess that some of you have thought about this, but it is not a good thing to do, because it might lead to a lot of problems and  even a broken engine due to neglecting a problem.

20. This is another kitchen hack that we reallu like

Image Source: Reddit

Using a whisk for a hard boiled egg seems like a nice idea and it would definitely work each time.

21. This is one way to heat pizza

Image Source: Imgur

If you have kitchen stove at home and the microwave is out of order, you can still enjoy warm pizza! All you need to do is get your laptop charger out and wait for a few minutes.

22. Don’t throw away your old washing machine

Image Source: Reddit

You can actually use the drum to create a BBQ or a fireplace for the yard. It requires some basic fabrication work but we believe that almost anyone could do it!

23. If you have long cables that need hiding, you can make the most of the situation

Image Source: Imgur

You can easily hide the pile of cables by organizing them and turning them into a form of art. This image suggests a nice example for that!

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