24 Things That Everyone Of Us Experience But Nobody Talks About

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It seems that many people find it difficult to share the things they experience or think about. There are many reasons for that but many of these things might turn out to be the kind that the majority of individuals could relate to. The list below contains that kind of tweets and we could relate to some of the things people experienced.

1. The concern

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The tweet you see here is very relatable and we believe this kind of anxiety is something many people would sadly realize for themselves.

2. The seat

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Now, this is another of those moments that we all can recognize because both have happened to us at least once. We guess either reaction is plausible.

3. The milk carton

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It seems that grocery shopping is an extreme sport but it is necessary for you to know the rules in order to be able to make the right choice every time.

4. The phone

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There are moments in which we can actually check the time but they are rare. In most cases, we see a notification and we start going through apps instead of seeing the time.

5. The horses

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This is one of the things that we all probably do, or at least we did at some point. Stating what is obvious is a kind of game that is popular, for some reason.

6. The room

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We all know that leaving a pile of clothes on a chair in your room is likely going to make you believe that someone decided to visit you in the middle of the night.

7. The question

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Here is another relatable tweet that we believe most people would gladly share. There are people who you immediately know will not be your kind of people.

8. The moment

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Here is a situation most people have been in and for some weird reason, most of them act like they are still interested while all they want is to get out of there.

9. The breakups

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Now, this is something that some people would qualify as inappropriate but we think that using lines from that game is always fun.

10. The room

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Yes, those were the times when we all were very happy and proud of what we achieved by rearranging our rooms.

11. The medication 

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Here is something we are not entirely sure about but we can say that we guess most people are also thinking about this kind of heavy machinery when reading the labels.

12. The potholes

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The roads in many countries are not as good as the people driving on them would like them to be but some potholes tend to be much more extreme than others.

13. The zoning out

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Trying to focus can be extremely hard when you zone out and the problem is that we are aware of that but we still allow it to happen.

14. The expressions 

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This is yet another of those extremely relatable things that people never share but we all know how they feel.

15. The noise

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Doing your own thing is something that nobody should forbid you from doing and sometimes you actually put a halt on it yourself.

16. The morning

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It seems that our everyday routines are kind of annoying once we are fed up with them and this also means that we will use every single minute to delay them.

17. The moment 

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Those of you who have been in a bowling alley know that this is nothing but the truth. We know that it feels like that but we don’t know why.

18. The minutes

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It appears that making a playlist is always hard. We all have dozens of favorite songs but trying to pick the best ones is always hard.

19. The minute

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It is true that time flies when you are having a good time and we all know how that feels but we also know that time slows down when you are exercising.

20. The bathroom

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Those who need to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom also need to stay sleepy in order to continue sleeping after that.

21. The faults

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Now, this is one of the things that many of us would surely relate to because we often do the same. It seems we share the same inability to remember a name.

22. The drive

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It seems that this is something dangerous and yet we all do it from time to time. We end up somewhere where we have no idea how we got to.

23. The underwear

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Packing your bags for a trip is different for different people. Some pack a lot of stuff and others don’t need anything but most people put more underwear than they need.

24. The pattern

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Trying to copy someone’s breathing pattern is a mistake, as it could easily end up bad if you are not careful. Breathing is individual for everyone.

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