23 Funny “Me vs. My Parents” Pics That Perfectly Describe The Generation Gap

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There are many ways in which we can compare our generation to the times our parents were our age and someone decided to create a series of funny images that perfectly sum up many of the main differences between what we are busy with today and the times when our parents were our age. Apart from being hilarious, most of them tell nothing but the truth. Of course, this is the sign of the times and they are changing even as we speak.

1. The care

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Back in the day, being in your mid-20s meant that you already had a family and kids, at least in most cases. It appears that people at that age today are not always involved in such endeavors but in different ones.

2. The baby

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Now, this is one of the best ways to describe one of the main differences between our parents and our generation. We still need someone to take care of us even if we are close to 30.

3. The feelings 

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Here is something that changed as a type of behavior over the years and it changed for good, too. It seems people back in the day did not want to take about their feelings but they had to.

4. The bonds

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The things people did with their income and their savings have nothing to do with today’s ways. Now, a person in their 30s is much more likely to make an impulse investment.

5. The divorce

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This is yet another example of how people’s perceptions of the important things in life have changed. There are other things that we consider important today.

6. The marriage 

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While our parents were considering having kids at 22 or they already had one, today’s 22-year-olds have other things that occupy their free time.

7. The investment 

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The sad part about today’s reality is that people are a lot more indecisive compared to the previous generation. It appears that we need to be more active in our endeavors.

8. The alternative to buying bonds

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There are more than a few people who have already done that but it appears that it is not the kind of investment most of our parents would have chosen.

9. The serious move

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While our parents were seriously considering starting a family before reaching 25, most of us today think that this age is the perfect time to party.

10. The babies

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Well, this one might be too harsh and some would not approve of it but part of today’s generation prefers smoking and chilling to becoming a parent.

11. The marriage 

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There are many ways in which we could spend quality time and our parents knew that but most of us prefer having fun such as seeing our favorite TV show.

12. The babies 

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Here is yet another example of what some of us choose over having a baby. Many of us feel the need to take care of something but we get a dog or buy plants.

13. The Latin quote

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Those among you who have been to Latin class will surely understand this funny image and will figure out the comparison.

14. The parents

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It seems that our development has guided us to a different scenario in terms of periods when we should get ourselves together. This period happened a lot sooner back in the day.

15. The marriage 

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There is nothing wrong with not being married by 24 or even 34 today but most of our parents already had families at that age.

16. The hobbies

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People today still prioritize things like upgrading their cars instead of doing what our parents did – find their partner and create a family. Times change, we guess.

17. The age of 25

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Here is yet another example of how times really do change in ways we can clearly see but we only accept as the new normal.

18. The substitute 

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We already mentioned that when some of us feel the need to have a kid, they simply get a pet instead. The reasons for that can be various.

19. The life

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We guess that this funny image describes one of the biggest differences between our generation and the generation of our parents.

20. The other baby

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It seems that more people are struggling to lead a decent life today than ever before, and trying to get clean and stay that way is hard.

21. The move

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People who feel lost or who have nothing to lose often decided to go on a cross-country trip or to introduce another challenge to their life. This is sometimes a bad thing to do.

22. The pill

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We often get the feeling that we get serious about our lives at a far later stage compared to the timing our parents had.

23. The order

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There are more than a few things that people today accept as their priorities and one of them is not being married until you become at least 25. There is no time table for that but our parents married younger.

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