22 Things Non-Americans Consider That Americans Can’t Live Without

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There are many different countries in the world and the people in each one have their own ways of living. Being one of the biggest nations, the U.S. is often considered a place where the typical things people accept as normal are viewed as curious or strange by foreigners. The list below shares some of the things that many people believe Americans cannot live a single day without.

1. The dip

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Someone noticed these two things among many others and felt that they should be shared as an opinion. The variety of dips and the jumbo packs are something most Americans love.

2. The transmissions

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Here is yet another example of something that Americans simply love. For more than a few reasons, they would most likely prefer an automatic transmission regardless of the type of vehicle.

3. The paper plates

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We think that paper plates are okay as long as they are not used excessively. They are a much better alternative to plastic plates and boxes but we guess people outside the U.S. hardly use both.

4. The soda consumation

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There are soda dispensers all over the world nowadays but Americans are the ones to use refillable containers and they tend to drink much more soft drinks than they should.

5. The credit cards 

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Some people in the U.S never realize that no other country in the world uses as many credit cards as Americans do. These cards are an essential part of their lives, for better or for worse.

6. The soft drinks

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This is another person who noticed how people carried around huge containers they often refilled with soft drinks. The person even calculated the amount of sugar more accurately.

7. The garburator 

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This is a device that is not used in the majority of countries outside the U.S. For some reason, Americans are so used to this device they often want one when they change homes.

8. The ice machines

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You have probably noticed that in many American movies or shows, there are ice machines at locations such as hotels, meaning that people often need ice for some reason.

9. The food

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There seems to be a vast variety of foods that fit this short description. The aftermath of people eating such foods is not something we should neglect but it is a habit that many of us have.

10. The typical things

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One person wanted to joke about some of the typical American things according to him but we guess we cannot blame him. People need to protect themselves and they love finding all they need at Walmart.

11. The news

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It seems that this is true but we feel that it is rather unfortunate for this to be a fact. Many people are sadly manipulated by TV shows and news and they need to decide on certain matters alone.

12. The joke

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Needless to say, nobody needs this and we are certain that nobody asks the people if the country should participate in such affairs. The statistics say it all here.

13. The AC

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Germany and the neighboring countries are known for the lack of air conditioning. Only some commercial buildings and office structures have AC which is the complete opposite of the U.S.

14. The details

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Americans are a diverse community which is one of their strengths. People from all over the world came once to these lands and founded the great country it is today which is why they have no problem talking about these details. As long as it is not judgemental, it is okay.

15. The insurance

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It seems that this is one of the things Americans are forced to pay for. They need insurance if they want to have free access to healthcare unlike most other countries in the world.

16. The houses

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There is truth in these words and we have all seen how that happens. People who cannot afford a house decide to have one or two mortgages which is a mistake.

17. The stickers

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Here is yet another trend that you are likely to never see anywhere else in the world. Bumper stickers have been around for many years in the U.S. and foreigners find them to be something peculiar.

18. The cars

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It appears that most Americans either prefer or are forced to use their own vehicles to commute on a daily basis. Most foreigners think that public transport in most states is not developed as it should be.

19. The fast food

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There are more than a few things we know that are typical about the U.S. but this is probably the most typical. Fast food took over the world by storm but it remains something that started there.

20. The flags

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As a proud nation, Americans love showing off their love for the flag and you can see it at about every corner. There are flag poles or stickers with the flag on every step you take.

21. The opinion 

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It seems that this person implies something specific but Americans are just happy to have the freedom they enjoy and the option for the so-called American dream.

22. The materialism 

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There are people who would confirm this and we guess that foreigners are left with this impression. There are reasons for them to think lie that.

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