22 Relatable Images About Relationships That Your Other Half Needs To See

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Relationships are hard sometimes but everything in life that is worth having requires effort. Those of you who have long relationships already know which the best things about being in one are but we decided to sum up some of them anyway. Most people would agree that nothing can be absolutely perfect but it can be pretty close to perfection! Check out the list and enjoy it!

1. Staring at you boo is a sign of love

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We all know the feeling you get when you’re watching your significant other doing something totally ordinary but yet you can’t handle how cute they are. All you can do is just staring at them until you eventually get caught. But even then, there’s no need for being embarrassed – you just can’t help feeling lucky that they are your boo.

2. If you wind a weirdo, keep them

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Finding someone as weird as you is almost like winning the lottery. Together you can enjoy so many things that others usually could find boring or odd, but for you it’s totally normal and common. It is said that if we find someone who is as weird as we are, we team up with them and the weirdness becomes mutually satisfying. When this happens, we simply call it love.

3. Support is everything

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They say that if your man is not your number one supporter and biggest fan, then you need a new man. But seriously though, who should be encouraging you and believing in you the most if not your significant other? After all, that is what love is all about – to always be there for each other and to help each other grow and succeed. Who knows what you can achieve if you have a partner who truly supports your dreams, no matter how silly they might be.

4. Here is one sign of true love

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Most of us girls are quite sentimental when it comes to our relationships. We tend to be even more sentimental when it comes to the first time we ever met our loved ones. Usually, those are the memories we cherish the most, because they represent how everything started and turned into this perfect relationship we have now. We love to go through these memories with our significant other and we especially love it when they are the ones talking about it and remembering as vividly as we do.

5. You want only the best for your partner

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It is pretty hard to find the perfect gift for someone as perfect as your partner. We want the gift to be everything – practical enough, spectacular enough, thoughtful enough, sentimental enough, original enough, the “I really needed this one!” enough, romantic enough, on a budget enough… (insert a sweating exhausted emoticon here). Even though it is always the thought that counts we will never get tired of searching for THE gift. Even if it means spending hours or days feverishly going from store to store or looking into countless websites.

6. You need by your partner’s side

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We all have our ups and downs, but it is a whole other thing when it comes to our loved ones’ happiness. No one likes it when their partner is feeling down. We take it as our duty to make things right for them and see them happy again. There is no better medicine than showing some appreciation and support, as well as just being there for them, showing how much you love and care for them.

7. This is a part of any relationship

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We are all guilty of smiling at our phones for different reasons. People in relationships often do it because of something funny or silly their partner has texted them. As we all know, no one can put a smile on our face faster than a notification from our significant other during a busy day.

8. Good food prepared for you by boo is a sign of love

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If there is anything better than coming home to find cooked dinner waiting, that would be coming home for dinner cooked by your significant other who is also waiting for you. I am pretty sure nothing can beat that feeling. All that is left for you to do is to enjoy the fact that you do not need to prepare or arrange anything – it is all set up for you by your thoughtful partner.

9. Nobody’s perfect

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Nothing is better than being in a healthy and happy relationship. Of course your partner is not perfect and neither is you, but you tend to focus on the bright side and to love each other despite your little flaws. You know your relationship is great when there is no room for being annoyed or frustrated by little exiguous things.

10. Feeling proud of your boo is a common thing

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We all have a favorite topic. The thing is that when we are in a happy relationship with a perfect partner, our favorite topic is them. We just can’t help but brag about everything they are and everything they do. From how smart and funny they are to how good they treat us. It might be a bit annoying for other people to listen, but we don’t really care – everyone can spare a minute or two to hear how lucky we are.

11. Keeping a secret from your partner is hard

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Sharing is caring. That goes for also sharing with your man all the gossips you just swore to your girlfriends you won’t tell anyone. Well, we all know that your boo is not just “anyone”. They are your best friend as well (do not ever mention that to your other best friends). Plus, if he listens to you with that “Give me all the dirty details” face, he is a keeper.

12. Hanging up first is impossible

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No matter how tired we are, we are never too tired for our favorite person. We might be desperate for some sleep, but even that can wait for a few more minutes. We all have been in the state of a relationship where we can talk for hours and still have something else to say or share. We even come up with new topics because we just don’t want the conversation to end. Waiting for the other to hang up first is another cheesy, but yet favorite thing to do while talking with your significant other on the phone.

13. You can never get enough of each other

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Nothing in this world can convince me that a thing as “We spent enough time together today.” even exists. No matter how much time we spend with our significant other, it is never enough. There are still so many things we want to do, so many topics we want to talk about and so on. We will never get enough of spending time with the one we love and we will never be satisfied with the time we get to be together.

14. It is hard to say who loves who more

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The cheesy “I love you more” fights we all have with our partners are priceless. And the face we all make when we hear the answer “No, I love you more.” We are never sure who won the last one, but it is a funny and sweet reason to argue about that, too. You should definitely call someone over to keep the score and call the winner later.

15. If you love your boo, you will need to know about their day at work

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“How was work? What did you have for lunch? Is that co-worker of yours still annoying as always? Did something exciting happen today? How was your ride home? Stuck in traffic again? I want to hear everything, even the little details.” If you are not thrilled to hear about how your partner’s day was, what are you even thrilled for?

16. Love is there all the time, even when you fight

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Relationships do not always go as smooth and easy as we want to. Even perfect couples have their arguments every now and then. We might disagree or argue sometimes, but we should not lose focus on the main thing – the person in front of us is still the one we chose to love and is still the one who loves us. Being mad at each other sometimes does not mean we stopped caring for each other or loving each other.

17. Waking up next to your partner is amazing

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We all have done it, haven’t we? It is indeed the moment you realize that the person who is sleeping peacefully next to you is someone who you truly cares for. In a busy world like ours, taking the time to appreciate your loved one and to be thankful you have them in your life is a precious moment we have all experienced in our life.

18. Food and cuddles is the best life

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If you ask Joey Tribbiani which hand he would choose if one of them is food and the other is his boo, he would probably say “Put your hands together.” It would perfectly sum up the ideal situation – food, boo and cuddles. We can all agree that it can’t get any better, right?

19. Hugging during the night improves sleep quality and speaks of true love and affection

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Alright, we lied – it can get any better. Only a few things can be compared to someone who reaches out for you in their sleep and pulling you closer to them, but honestly I can’t think of even one to name it. Besides feeling loved and cozy at a moment like that, you also have the perfect opportunity to glue your ice cold feet closer to theirs and basically to ruin the perfection.

20. You are always pretty to your boo

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Girls have this insatiable need to look perfect in any situation. But when it comes to looking perfect in front of our loved ones, especially after we spent the night together, things can really get out of control. As harsh as we can be at ourselves for having our hair and makeup in a certain way, we should always remember that our significant others doesn’t really care about all that. They see our beauty in a way we often can’t. And when they say they find us beautiful in any way, they really mean it.

21. Mutual trust is a must have

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We can all agree that every relationship is built on trust. Nowadays our mobile phones contain a lot of personal information that is not for everyone to know. Letting someone in your personal space indicates your lack of secrets and also that you trust them enough to feel comfortable and to be honest with them. Lately it is often taken as the biggest proof of someone’s serious intentions toward us if they let us go through their phone or even their social media profiles.

22. You have found your partner in life when he/she know what do you really want

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Nowadays it’s really hard to find the right person. The secret to happy family life is to know your partner. So my advice is when seeking for a partner to pay attention to the little things. The little things will definitely get everything going smooth. In the particular picture illustrates people that know so good each other that the woman is definitely going to say “YES”.

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