22 Hilarious Tattoo-Related Images That Will Make Your Day

Image Source: Reddit

Tattoos are created to represent something. It might be a feeling, a special moment or a person, or something of great significance to the one who is getting inked. However, in many cases people actually choose something they consider to be trendy and you are about to see why this is a mistake in most of those cases!

1. This is the perfect way to kick off the list

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that there is no other image that would be better to start the list with. As you can see, someone captioned it in the best possible way! The weird tattoo really seems to be a combination of some of the most popular patterns that people prefer. Maybe the person wanted to mock all of them and if this was the case, then the tat is a success.

2. Here is something unusual

Image Source: Nemkacsa

Sometimes people have the weirdest ideas when it comes to tattoos. They can be either brilliant or totally hilarious. The one pictured above is somewhere in between, we guess. This person actually decided to have a barcode tattooed! We have no idea why he chose to be the one from an Oreo pack, but he needs to be thankful that the tattoo artist got it right!

3. This is relatable to most tattooed people

Image Source: Imgur

We know that many people are skeptical about tats because they think that the ink would fade away or it will become tacky when the skin ages. However, we all age and this is inevitable! So having a tattoo will not slow that process down! Of course, the process will not affect the tat as much as you might think, so there is no room for worrying.

4. You should always consider the price of the service

Image Source: Instagram

When you decide to have tattoo done, you need to consider a few things. Apart from the idea and the placement, you need to make sure you have the right tattoo artist! Do not settle with a low price because such offers are not preferable at all! The low price almost always means low quality! When it comes to tats, quality is everything.

5. Here is a curious idea

Image Source: Instagram

The idea behind this tattoo is undeniably cool! It is something we have never seen before! However, there are some things that we find to be a bit disturbing. As you can see, the main argument has already been mentioned by the person who captioned the photo! Let us hope that the person who got this tat was left-handed.

6. This is straight on point

Image Source: Facebook

We just had to add this one to the list because it reflects a problem that has been around for decades. It seems that many of the people who would never get a tattoo done tend to judge those who have a tat which is just wrong. The fact that someone is tattooed does not mean that they are involved into a gang or that they are up to no good. Those prejudices need to be left aside for good.

7. Getting a tat is not a walk in the park

Image Source: Imgur

Those among you who intend to get a tat done somewhere in the near future need to know that it is not an easy thing to endure. There is some pain involved but it is just part of the process and it is inevitable! We also need to add that it is a painstaking process especially if the tat is a huge one.

8. Here is a friendly reminder

Image Source: Instagram

As we already stated, most tattoos represent something and that is a fact. However, everyone is free to choose a design only because they liked it! There is nothing wrong with that and when it is done by a professional tattoo artist it may actually be a masterpiece as long as the initial design was good.

9. This is relatable for most of us

Image Source: Instagram

Most of us have been in such a hard situation. Well, it is not a fatal one, of course, but it is still something we rather not to experience. After all, we want to be honest but not hurting your friend’s feelings is of greater significance. This is the reason we all lie when a friend asks us if we like their tattoo and it is definitely no good!

10. We are not sure if this is a joke or not

Image Soruce: The Poke

We have seen a lot of weird tattoos but is the funniest among them! It seems like it was done intentionally and we certainly hope it is! In other case it would not serve as the best bio for this person! He appears to be proud of it, though.

11. Here is something to laugh about

Image Source Instagram

It seems that a tattoo cannot get more personal than this one here! Just take a look at how ridiculous it is! Sure enough, it was done perfectly but that is not the point here! As you can see, this man is obviously proud of himself and his looks and he wanted to express this by getting a tattoo like no other! We are not sure how this makes us feel, to be honest.

12. People’s opinion does not matter

Image Source: Instagram

This funny image is the perfect way to describe something annoying about getting a tat. Most people you share the idea with would try to talk you out of it for numerous reasons! Of course, you should never listen to them because they would never have the guts or the desire to get a tattoo done! People love to judge or to give advice when nobody asked them to.

13. Here is another example of why you should spend big bucks on your tat

Image Source: Instagram

We already mentioned that one of the signs you should avoid when visiting a tattoo artist is the low price. You see, true artists which are renowned for their skills know exactly how much their work is worth it and they will not work for pennies! This is why if you have a suspiciously low offer for the tat you asked for, you should avoid it or you might end up with the quality you see in these images.

14. Tattoo artists like to have a strict plan

Image Source: Instagram

Most tattoo artists would agree that it is extremely annoying when a client decides to change something about the initial design in the last minute! This always leads to extreme situations and improvisations and the end result depends solely on the tattoo artist’s skills! You need to be absolutely sure about the tat you want!

15. This is a real struggle

Image Source: Instagram

One of the hardest things about getting a tattoo is the pose you need to take if the location you want it to be is tricky. Not all tats are easy to make while the client is relaxed on a chair or a bed. In some cases the tattoo artist forces the client to sit in an uncomfortable position but wants them to relax in the same time.

16. Realistic tattoos are much harder to make

Image Source: Instagram

If you want a big tattoo that is also realistic, you need to be prepared for what’s coming your way! The process is often divided into separate session because it would take many hours to complete the task! Nobody could endure a whole day of pain, right?

17. This is a true story

Image Source: Imgur

You can ask any tattoo artist about this one and they will all confirm that this is the truth! They have all heard stories about another artist who can do the same way cheaper! There is no such thing. If you want a high-quality tattoo, you need to pay the price!

18. Here is another fun fact

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that a tattoo artist does not realize how it feels to get a tat until they get one themselves! Some of the tattoo artists are actually surprised to find out just how much it hurts to get one! This image will probably be relatable to most tattoo artists who see it.

19. Sometimes tats are made just for fun

Image Source: Pinterest

This image has a really clever caption and we had a good laugh! However, it shows that there actually isn’t a limit to what kind of tattoos you might want to have. This person obviously loves fast food and some of the most famous restaurants became an inspiration for him!

20. This image is definitely a relatable one

Image Source: Facebook

Those among you who already have a tattoo probably recognized themselves in this funny image! The first time you sit down on the chair and the needle touches your skin is definitely something you remember for long time after that!

21. Tattoo artists are brutally honest sometimes

Image Source: The Chive

We guess that when it comes to pain, we need to be prepared for it instead of getting tricked that it will not hurt at all. This is why when the time comes to get that tattoo, you better ask the tattoo artist about the amount of pain you are about to experience!

22. Here is the best way to wrap up the list

Image Source: Bobbi Blogger

This funny comic is actually really clever and it is also straight on point! It shows some typical examples of tattoos people get. They actually express much more than just the tat itself! As you can see, the examples in the image are like a guide!

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