21 People Who Definitely Can’t Be Trusted

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We firmly believe that food should be handled with respect, because it is literally our source of life! Many individuals consider it to be no more than an obligation, but most people enjoy it and to them having a meal is more than just consuming calories. However, those who show disrespect or behave in a weird manner when it comes to food are the kind of people we simply cannot trust at all. The following images give an idea about that, and some of them show other habits that are also  considered to be unacceptable by most people!

1. Nobody should eat a banana like this

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While there are studies showing that the banana peel actually contains different vitamins and minerals that our bodies could use, the fruit itself has more than enough in terms of nutritional value, and eating it like this is simply not right!

2. We strongly agree with this one

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There is only one correct way to install the toilet paper roll on the holder, and the one you see here is the complete opposite of that! We guess that not doing it the right way is something that would make many people upset, us included!

3. Now this is something you don’t see every day

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The majority of people love Oreo cookies, no doubt about that. However, we guess that there are some rituals related to them that are acceptable and even obligatory, but dipping them in orange juice is definitely not one of them!

4. Pizza needs to handled with respect

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We guess that pizza is among the top foods worldwide when it comes to taste and popularity, therefore people all around the globe should be familiar with the correct way to consume it. As you can see, certain individuals prefer rather unconventional ways to do it.

5. We cannot believe someone could eat a donut like this

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Well, we realize that a toddler did this and kids have no idea what is  right and what is wrong, but it is the parents’ duty to teach the kid about the important things in life! Eating right and respecting food are two of those things!

6. Here is another thing that made our jaws drop

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There is no need to explain to someone the right way to eat a Kit Kat bar. In fact, there is only one way, or at least this is what we thought until now. As you can see, someone acted like a savage and we cannot approve such a behavior.

7. Opening a box of cereal should be a straight-forward operation 

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It seems that we made a mistake about this one, too. Someone decided to open these cereal boxes and succeeded at it, but the end result is actually not acceptable, at least according to us! Tearing the bottom of the box like this is not the correct way to eat cereal.

8. We have seen things like this before

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As you can see, someone really did the most savage thing with this Hershey’s bar. The effort this person needed to make in order to eat the chocolate bar the right ways was too small to be neglected, and yet he decided to neglect that and do it his own way!

9. This is the only wrong way to eat a pie


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Immediately after we saw this picture, we experienced strong pie cravings, and you can be sure that when we get our hands on a couple of pies, we will not eat them like this! Whoever thought that this is an acceptable way to consume a pie is definitely wrong!

10. This is a huge no-no for all Americans

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We consider fries to be one of the most sacred fast food choices, and they are great as a side dish as well. However, pouring ketchup all over them might be acceptable in Germany, for example, but not in the U.S. for sure!


11. We were really puzzled by this image

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We understand that some people don’t like crust on pizza so they just leave it aside, but we cannot help but feel puzzled about this photo. There is no crust on pancakes, therefore nobody should eat them like this, right?

12. This person knows that this is wrong

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We are not sure about the point of ordering sushi if you don’t like rice, but we guess everyone is free to order and have what they please. However, seeing the leftovers after this person ate only certain bits of the sushi chunks does not feel right!

13. Pizza should be handled with care

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One of the main factors to enjoy a good pizza at home is the delivery conditions. It needs to be kept warm, and you need yo make sure you never turn the box upside down in order to prevent it from sticking to the inside of the box.

14. This is not the correct way to handle a taco 

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You can see the man siting next to this woman. He has his eyes wide open and his facial expression tells us that he thinks what we think about this way of eating a taco. We guess that he later showed her the correct way to do it!

15. Here is another huge no-no

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Pop-tarts are also one of the most popular treats in existence and we guess that almost everyone likes to have at least one of these every now and then. However, having one should never looks like this!

16. Nobody should ever do this

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We guess that we don’t even need to start explaining why! The reasons are obvious to everyone.

17. This burrito was destroyed instead of eaten

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The kid who did this needs to stop it, and the only way for this to happen is for the parents to explain certain things!

18. It seems Jessica has some weird taste preferences 

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We are not sure about this one, but we consider it wrong, because pouring this amount of ketchup ruins the hot dog taste!

19. This one is more than controversial 

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As much as we love pears, we have never eaten one like this, and we guess that most opinions would be divided here.

20. Eating Pringles like this is not something we could approve 

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As you can see, this person chose a way to eat Pringles that might be a bit more practical, but it is not the right one for sure!

21. Biting off an ice cream cone is also a habit we cannot accept

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This is not the way to enjoy ice cream, but many people still do it!

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