21 Images That Only A Real Introvert Will Understand And Relate

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It is really important to know your true self! Some people do not realize they are introverts, and they begin to understand what is going on when people start referring to them as antisocial. Of course, the two have nothing in common, and the following list will try to explain what it means to be an introverted person!

1. Some of us have heard this before

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Most introverts realize they are like that early in their lives. Of course, they need to be in a place where they are forced to interact with other people, and this happens at school, of course.

2. This is another common thing

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In order to make friends, you actually need to hang around people and talk to them! Acting shy is not going to make you any friends, and the only people you could bond with are those who feel just like you.

3. We always react like this, too

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This is something that many people do and it doesn’t take for one to be an introvert in order to react like this! We guess that we do it because we are fed up with talking to people all day which is why texting is preffered!

4. Here is a funny but accurate collage

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We guess we could all agree on this one, too! In fact, this collage is pretty accurate and all the typical things introverted people do are shown in it! The details and the body language are typical!

5. This would never happen if it is up to an introvert

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An introvert would never agree to gladly go around a room full of people and introduce themselves! In fact, they would avoid this at all costs and they would need to be forced to do it by someone else if they must be introduced for some reason.

6. This is another relatable thing

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Well, seeing this comparison made us smile but it did not surprise us, because in most cases things are exactly as described! Introverts need to put up with colleagues that are constantly seeking contact with them.

7. This happens every time

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We guess that animals are introverts’ best friends because they require a different type of communication! Not talking to anyone would be the best case scenario for every party if you ask an introvert!

8. Expressing yourself is hard when you are an introvert

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It is only normal for an introverted person to feel a bit insecure when talking in front of people and this is why they would appreciate some understanding when they need to say a few words.

9. We know how this feels

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Most introverted people do not have a huge friend circle and they mostly communicate with just a few people. This means that when these people are busy, the introvert has nobody to talk with!

10. Many people do this as well

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Here is another thing that not only introverted people do. In fact, most of us love just sitting in a bathrobe and thinking about all sorts of things! This could last for hours!

11. Making excuses is a classic move

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Now this is something we have done more than once! In some cases we just don’t feel like going out and we prefer the comfort of the home environment! This makes us kind of introverted, we guess.

12. This is one way to describe things

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If you have ever done something extra just to avoid interacting with people, the you are probably introverted without realizing it! Some people even find it hard to make eye contact with others!

13. This happens to many people, too

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We genuinely believe that going to a party where most of the people would be strangers causes some stress. When it comes to introverts, this effect is multiplied and they prefer to hang around the only person that they know.

14. Communicating with people is hard

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Introverted people get really tired when they need to communicate with someone. Even when it is purely online, it is still tiring for them, and talking face to face is out of the question!

15. You don’t need to be introverted in order to know how this feels

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Seeing this made us relate, and we know that most people would relate to this, too! Sometimes it is definitely not worth it explaining a certain thing to someone.

16. This is the simplest way to explain what being introverted feels like

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When you are shy and prefer not to meet new people, chances are that you would do anything to just stay at home and relax!

17. This is a common thing as well

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When someone tries to make an appointment with you but you don’t feel like going wherever it might be, you hesitate to reply with a simple ‘no’ and you you make a promise you know you will not keep!

18. Here is another funny but accurate comparison

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We need to say that this is probably the best way to describe an introvert’s way of communication! They never really open up to someone unless that someone gained their trust.

19. Huge crowds and busy places are a no-no

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Spending a lot of time in a public place can literally drain an introvert’s energy completely! This happens all the time and this is why they avoid such places.

20. Here is a strongly relatable image

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Introverts often think about many different things at once, and they even stop paying attention to the main conversation.

21. All introverts have such ‘generic excuses’

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Well, we guess that many people have such excuses without being introverted at all! In fact, we all try to avoid certain events and appointments sometimes because we don’t feel like going anywhere.

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