20 Things That You Definitely Can’t Unsee

Image Source: Reddit

People say that it’s the little details that count in most cases. In the following list you will see details that you likely haven’t noticed before in seemingly ordinary things and you would never miss them again.

1. Kevin from The Office resembles a seal

Image Source: Imgur

One the best characters from The Office seems even more adorable after this comparison.

2. There’s a mystery about those legs

Image Source: Twitter

There’s been quite a controversy about this pair of legs; some say there’s paint on them, while others think they are super shiny. As it turned out, it was paint.

3. This pug is doing the Bat Signal with his wrinkles

Image Source: Imgur

You would absolutely adore this cute face, but after looking a bit longer, you could definitely see the Bat Signal on his forehead.

4. There’s a hidden detail in the Toblerone logo

Image Source: Reddit

The majority of people probably never noticed that there is a bear cleverly hidden in the logo. This is what we call awesome work.

5. This girl is blessed with a perfectly symmetrical face

Image Source: Twitter

When you see the towel on her head in both photos, you’ll get it immediately. She is absolutely stunning and even her eyebrows are symmetrical.

6. A cute coat hanger

Image Source: Twiiter

This little coat hanger wants to put up a fight with you in the most adorable way.

7. Bodybuilder aesthetics

Image Source: Imgur

Many professional bodybuilders look like their enormous body has a skinny guy’s head attached to it.

8. Throwing your trash or giving up on your juggling dream

Image Source: Reddit

The symbol on this trash bin could easily have a double meaning.

9. A tooth in the middle

Image Source: The Sun

Next time you see Tom Cruise in a movie or an interview, you’re definitely going to stare at his mouth, but you could easily notice this little detail in some photos.

10. A strange emoji

Image Source: Pinimg

We wonder why this emoji’s fist was made to resemble a sloth’s head. Maybe it was just a coincidence.

11. Only the last letter is in lowercase

Image Source: Wikipedia

This famous logo has a perk of its own, and it does look odd when you notice it. Only the last letter is in lowercase, and something about this just doesn’t look right.

12. These trees resemble bodybuilders

Image Source: Reddit

They really look like Hulk, and the color is right, too, but it is still very strange since they’re not supposed to look that way.

13. The mother of all fast food

Image Source: Reddit

If you have any doubts about who the mother of fast food was, just look at the collar on that logo.

14. This guy’s head looks exactly like a hairy thumb

Image Source: Imgur

It is questionable if this was someone’s head at all, but it likely is, just pictured from a weird angle. If that’s the neck, where are the ears?

15. How could we not notice this until now?

Image Source: Reddit

Cartoon characters have some unique features that are beyond logic, but Popeye’ pipe really is on the wrong side of his face, and after you acknowledge this fact, it would probably bother you from now on.

16. A person with two different thumbs

Image Source: Instagram User

Here’s a person who clearly got a thumb from each parent. Genetics is sometimes weird, but still awesome.

17. Mocking Johnny Bravo

Image Source: Reddit

The Hunger Games’ symbol – the Mocking Jay bird – would never be the same after somebody noticed that it looks exactly like Johnny Bravo.

18. One very cleverly designed logo

Image Source: Reddit

The FedEx logo features a hidden arrow which you have likely missed until now.

19. This is one face swap that had an unexpected result, to say the least.

Image Source: Twitter

Keanu Reeves apparently look exactly like Adam Driver, or is it the other way around? After seeing this face swap you were likely just as stunned as we were.

20. The haunting reflection of this beautiful girl is spooky

Image Source: Instagram

Upon taking a quick glance at the photo, you could hardly notice anything strange. But take a second look and check her reflection in the mirror. This is super creepy and we have no idea how did it happen.

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