20 Pics Showing That Some Kids Have Really Really Creative Parents

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We have shown examples of what parenthood is like numerous times before, and we still believe that as much as we try to understand what it really takes to be a parent, we will not be able to do it until we become parents. This doesn’t mean that we cannot prepare mentally for such a challenge, and the best way to do it is to draw inspiration from other people’s experience. List like the one below are the perfect tool, because they give you examples and ideas about how to handle being a parent and make it easier for you.

1. You need to add safety features to your home

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Babies and toddlers crawl everywhere and you need to add caps to the electrical sockets. In this case, one mom noticed her older kids kept forgetting to put the caps back one, so she came up with this easy solution to remind them to do it!

2. Now this is something we would definitely use

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We love smart ideas, especially when it comes to maintenance. Bringing your toddler to the beach means you will have sand everywhere. You can avoid this by using a fitted sheet instead of a regular beach towel!

3. Here is another amazing idea

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You can easily make a comfy bed for your kid that is easy to maintain as well. All you need to do is grab some pillow cases and sew them together. As you can see, the result is amazing and you kids would love using these improvised beds!

4. This is a feature that every trampoline needs

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Some clever parent came up with a nice way to handle a problem that we have always considered to be a serious one. All trampolines have huge springs on the side which look menacing but one parent used colorful pool noodles to make them safe!

5. Here is the coolest DIY wheelchair ever

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When this kid was unable to walk or crawl due to an almost severed toe on the right foot, his parents realized they needed to come up with a solution, because a regular wheelchair would be too big. Their attempt at making a DIY version was a success!

6. The teachers who came up with thisĀ 

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Well, this was something that teachers came up with, not parents, but teachers are parents, too, so the photo is worth adding to the list. It shows one really clever way to help children learn the multiplication table

7. Here is a neat little thing your kids would enjoy using

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Most sinks and faucets are designed to be used by adults, and kids often find it hard or impossible to use them. As you can see, this simple device can make a whole lot of difference and ever toddler would be able to use any sink with zero problem. Some smart parent probably came up with this idea!

8. A simple game can help any parent protect their kids

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It is always a challenge to bring all the groceries inside while trying to make your kid get out of the car and lock it after that. There is always a chance for the kid to run around and get in the way of traffic. The ‘Hands on the Circle’ game would be more than enough to prevent that from happening!

9. Now this is something we need to try for sure

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As you can see, someone came up with a brilliant solution to prevent drips from such treats. Kids run around the house and make a mess, but a simple slice of cucumber is more than enough to soak up all the trips!

10. Here is another neat idea

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There are times when you need to get some work done but you still need to take care of your toddler. People say that you should work smarter instead of harder, and this is what one dad did! His idea is not applicable everywhere, but it is cool to see!


11. Some parents outdo themselves

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Sandpits are hard to maintain clean, and there is always the issue with heat and direct sunlight falling on kids during their hours of fun in the sand. This clever idea solves all problems at once and we love it!

12. You need to do this if you kid keeps mixing up the left and the right shoe

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Most toddlers have a hard time learning which shoe goes left and which goes right, but there is a fun way to help them with that, One parent came up with the best and simplest possible solution, and everyone could do it!

13. Children hate it when they need to take their medicine

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Of course, it is not that hard to trick them into doing it. All you need to do is come up with a way to make them believe they are having a treat while in reality they are taking the medicine. This is just one way to complete that task!

14. This is the easiest DIY trick that you can immediately incorporate in your house

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There is always a chance for a kid to have their fingers stuck in the door, and this is something parents would like to avoid at all cost! In this case, it costs close to nothing to prevent it from happening! A couple of pool noodles would be enough to secure all the doors at home.

15. Your kid will enjoy bathing even more if you use this trick

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Some parent was probably tired of constantly gathering the toys that float away in the bathtub and we all know that it is impossible to give a kid a bath without their toys by their side, This simple solution takes care of toys floating away!

16. This is the coolest thing ever

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Chances are that your child believes there actually are monsters under their bed. In order for to make sure the kid is actually able to sleep with no fear, all you need to do is pull out your ‘monster repellent spray’ and take care of the issue!

17. Splinter removal is actually easy

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One of the most common things kids face when they play outside is getting splinters. While they accept it as too big of a deal, you can easily get rid of it using this simple technique! It works every time.

18. Here is an idea that most people would love to use

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Falling to the ground after tripping on the edge of a rug or slipping on it happens much too often, especially to kids. You can easily avoid these moments by adding these self-adhesive strips. No more slipping on rugs!

19. Sometimes creative parents use their brains to pull off jokes instead of helping their kids

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When a person asked their dad for some gas money, the father agreed and said that the money was in the top desk drawer. This is what was in the drawer, and we believe that pranks cannot get any funnier than this!

20. This is the best way to let your baby enjoy the fresh air

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Keeping the baby away from the scorching sun is a must, and this is one of the easiest way to do it!

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