20 Of The Best Super Relatable Images About Cleaning

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There is no doubt that one of the things most of us find annoying is cleaning or doing other random house chores. Maintenance is essential for every home, but if you want to live in a perfectly clean home, you need to put in a lot of effort day after day! This is why you would definitely find some of the funny images below relatable and the rest would probably make you laugh because of how witty they are!

1. This is the best caption for this outfit

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Lady Gaga knows how to make an entrance and her outfits are always controversial. This one is no exception, and the gloves are not a nice touch.

2. This is definitely relatable 

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We guess that it is true that most men are not into cleaning. Ladies can  usually do a better job when they tackle on a certain task related to keeping the house clean.

3. These jokes never end

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It is true that the one thing most people despise is doing the dishes! As you can see, this short and funny conversation suggests two of the best ones!

4. We have all been there

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When the sink is overflowing and you have no intention to wash them, you need to improvise, and this is one way to do it!

5. Washing the dishes requires some skills

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This is something that we know and our experience in washing dishes tells us that you need to be extra careful! A single spoon can cause a huge wave that will make you wet from head to toes!

6. We all used to take pride in this

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Doing this was hard, but it proved to be even harder having the motivation to start. Eventually every mom finds a way to convince her child to clean their room, and the end result is really good in most cases.

7. Spoons are the worst part of washing the dishes 

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As we already mentioned, a single spoon can make washing the dishes into an action-packed experience, and you better be still in your pajamas or some other outfit you would not bother getting dirty.

8. It seems that spoons are what bothers most people

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As you can see, more than one person had a bad experience washing the dishes, so they created

9. This is another accurate way to describe the situation with the spoon

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The fact that so many funny images regarding the fact that a spoon could cause an accidental shower means that the majority of people have probably experienced that on multiple occasions!

10. This happens every time

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When it’s time for a spring cleaning of your room or you just need to rearrange thr attic, for example. There are always thing you forgot about and you are fascinated when you do!


11. Here is another image related to that

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Cleaning your room would usually take a small amount of time if there is nothing to distract you, but there always is! In fact, you could spend the whole day rearranging and still fail to get it done properly!

12. Knowing that you have so much to do can make you feel powerless

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This one is super relatable and it happens all the time! We are well aware that we would be able to find the time to all those things, but yet they seem like an impossible mission, so we never start! The key here is to do all the chores one at a time!

13. This is also something that happens all the time

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It seems that moms are the main force at home when it comes to cleaning and doing different chores, but it is funny how they rarely accept help, but they still complain how nobody in the house helps them!

14. We disagree with this fact

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Someone captured the image in the best possible way! Washing dishes is nothing but a burden, and it will always be one! There are plenty of other ways you can reduce the stress levels!

15. Here is why we never used to clean while living with our parents

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We guess that most moms accept cleaning the house as a really serious matter and they are probably convinced that nobody else could do it better than them, and this is why they always criticize your efforts to help!

16. This always felt like we were traitors

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Well, we probably do not need to explain this feeling, but someone actually found the best way to visualize it! It used to happen more than often, too!

17. We used to like the mess in our rooms

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Parents always had a different concept of living, and they preferred the order instead of the chaos we were used to living in! But that chaos was something we loved because we could navigate through it easily.

18. This is kind of frustrating when it happens

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We genuinely believe that whenever this happens to someone, they get angry because they just felt proud about putting in the effort only to see that it was for nothing!

19. This is so accurate

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Did you know that kitchen sponges actually had an expiration date? You are supposed to change them every two weeks, but we all know that they can last for much longer!

20. Here is the best spoon splatter-related funny image on the list

Image Source: Picooly.pw

Well, this is another super funny image describing what happens when the water is turned into a powerful wave by a single spoon!

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