20 Images That Could Serve As The Best Inspiration For April Fools’ Day

Image Source: Cocomy.net

Since April Fools’ Day is already here, we thought we should provide another list of cool ideas for you to try! There are a lot of practical jokers out there and they always come up with new ideas. The tricks and pranks they pull off are really clever sometimes and they are always hilarious. These twenty ideas might inspire you to do something you have always wanted and prank a buddy or a family member!

1. The cake

Image Source: texasmonkey.blogspot
This is a classic prank and it takes a while to be prepared. What looks like a normal cake is actually a mix of meat and grated potatoes, and this is not the best combination to top off with creme or frosting. Someone would be in for a surprise!

2. The nail polish

Image Source: Bigpicture.ru

We really loved this simple idea and maybe this is the one we are probably going to try this April Fools’ Day. The thick layer of nail polish on the soap pretty much makes it useless, and someone would fiddle quite lot with it before realizing it was a joke!

3. Now this is a funny thing to do

Image Source: Bigpicture.ru

Some pranks are just meant to be funny, and this one is a good example. You could easily create this at home or at the office, and we are sure ot would bring a lot of smiles Of course, gremlins probably use the toilet like this!

4. Here is another brilliant idea

Image Source: Bigpicture.ru

The best time to pull a trick on someone is robably in the morning. People are still sleepy and their brains would have a harder time realizing what is happening and they would suspect nothing until they have a taste of the cereal and cat food mix.

5. The office prank

Image Source: Bigpicture.ru

We guess that taking your time to prepare the perfect prank is definitely worth it! As you can see, this person’s coworkers made the extra effort and it resulted in this! We absolutely love the idea to create Jell-o cubes with someone’s keyboard keys and mouse!

6. This is definitely a nice idea, too

Image Source: Bigpicture.ru

This image allows us to see the person’s reaction after seeing their entire office covered in sticky notes! We guess it took hours for this prank to be completed, but it was well worth it. The person is probably wondering where to start from!

7. This is something we would also try on someone

Image Source: Reddit

Imagine someone’s disappointment after opening a whole box of donuts and finding that it is full of broccoli instead! Every food lover would find this to be a sick joke, and not in a good way, too, but we guess it is a brilliant idea!

8. The switch

Image Source: Bigpicture.ru

The mastermind behind this simple but genious plan should be applauded for their idea, because a small detail like this could lead to a lot of embarrassing situations, and we guess it could work flawlessly every time!

9. The mouse

Image Source: Themetapicture.com

Now this is what we call a simple but effective way to scare someone to the point they would run out of the house! Many people are frightened by mice and rats, and seeing this would make them turn into the opposite direction and run like the wind!

10. Talking about simple tricks

Image Source: Imgur

It doesn’t take much to pull off a prank! If you do not have the time to prepare or something else is stopping you, then need to come up with something simple. This is a nice idea and you are able to pull it off in a matter of minutes.

11. This one is awesome

Image Source: Imgur

Some people crave for the food they know is waiting for them in the fridge.

Image Source: Imgur

This person probably knew that someone would come home and they would eat the yummy watermelon slice immediately after getting home! Doing to this to the slice is sure to make that person furious!

12. This is a classic one

Image Source: Twitter

There are some ideas that can be considered to be classic examples of pulling off quality jokes, and this one is among the best ones on that list! It could also be applied to a toilet seat instead of an office chair, and the effect would be equally funny!

13. Here is a clever trick that requires minimum effort

Image Source: librarylearners.com

This clever idea is really simple. All that someone had to do was to print this note and leave it in front of an empty cage! This way any visitor would believe that there was supposed to be a snake inside the cage which probably escaped, and most people would be afraid to be there after realizing this!

14. This is another type of joke designed to bring smiles and laughter

Image Source: Flickr

This is not what it looks like, of course! It is really convincing, though! What looks like carrots in small pots is actually cakes! The pastry chef who made these ought to be proud ot themselves, and these creations would cause a lot of surprised faces!

15. This would work every time

Image Source: Imgur

Like we already stated, taking your time to prepare a perfect prank is worth it!

Image Source: Imgur

This can give you the chance to be creative, because you can use all kinds of mixtures – soy sauce, vinegar and whatever you could find!

16. The banana cakes

Image Source: Imgur

You need to have certain skills in order to pull this one off, and it would be funny seeing someone try and peel one of these off!

17. This would definitely surprise someone

Image Source: Texasmonkey.blogspot

Here is something that is not hard to pull off at all! Some food coloring in the sparger would do the trick!

18. Here is something that would cause someones’s eyes to pop out

Image Source: instructables.com

This looks really bad until you realize what it is!

Image Source: Instructables.com

If you squirt some glue on a glass pane, you will be able to peel off the stain once it is dry and put it on someone’s laptop!

19. Here is something really cool

Image Source: Reddit

The simplest ideas work best, and mixing M&Ms and Skittles is as simple as things could get!

20. Now this is going to piss off somebody

Image Source: Malaysiaminilover.com

These people are really dedicated to cover the entire vehicle in sticky notes! This is a nice idea, too.

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