20 Awkward Moments From The 2019 Oscars That You Definitely Haven’t Noticed

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Every huge event has more than one side to it! For instance, an award ceremony such as the Oscars looks flashy and everyone wants to see if their favorite productions and actors are worthy of receiving an award, and the things celebs have to say are also the center of attention. But there are other things to focus on, and the list below suggests some images that have a different outlook on the ceremony. Awkward and controversial situations involving famous faces are always interesting and curious to see, and both media and public love this kind of content!

1. Octavia Spencer’s outfit

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Let us just say that she looked gorgeous, and this is not the point here. Someone thought that she tried to send a message regarding body positivity with the outfit she chose for the Oscars, but she actually had no intention of doing such a thing. All she did was wear the dress she wanted and comments about body positivity inspiration are not on point here.

2. Ryan Seacrest used the same outfit one more time

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It seems that Seacrest really wants to use every possible opportunity to promote his own clothing line. He sells suits in a collaboration with Macy’s but we are more than certain that everyone already knows that! He could definitely choose something original for the Oscars night instead of the same old thing.

3. Ryan Seacrest fell for Richard E. Grant’s joke


Sometimes being on live TV has its perks, but in other cases it leads to funny situations! In this case, Seacrest probably thought that it was just going to be another short interview, but Grant was able to pull off a joke that confused the host, and it was more than awkward to see it!

4. Jason Momoa can definitely cound on Lisa Bonet for everything


It seems that Ashley Graham had no way of seeing this coming! She thought that Momoa would immediately deliver to her request and add to the show by doing that, but his wife stepped in and simply told the host that he will not do it! Momoa seemed to be relieved after hearing that!

5. Rami Malek avoided a kiss


It appears that Ryan Seacrest really intended to kiss Rami Malek and we have no idea why! The meeting between the two resulted in an awkward situation that was rather funny to see! They did a handshake that evolved in something that seemed to be a hug almost followed by a kiss.

6. Bradley Cooper’s interview did not go according to plan


It seems that nothing goes as planned when you are in a rush, and the short interviews prior to the Oscars were guaranteed to ofter plenty of unexpected situations. This is a great example! Bradley Cooper had no idea what they asked him because he couldn’t hear a thing without the in-ear monitors, but he played it out like the professional he is!

7. One small detail bothered all of us

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Well, it might not be a big deal, but it is something everyone noticed! After all, the night of the Oscars is one of those events that should be perfect down to the last detail, but it never is! Rami Malek’s bowtie was not straight from the moment he set foot on the red carpet, but nobody told him that!

8. You probably know that Kevin Hart was supposed to host the ceremony

Image Source: Getty Images- Daniel Zuchnik

Unfortunately for him, a few old controversial tweets he posted some time ago emerged as he was chosen to be the host, and many people were actually outraged by that! However, he seemed to understand the situation and did the right thing by stepping down from being a part of the 2019 Oscars.

9. Spike Lee was not happy about someone mentioning his name

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Awkwafina probably thought that it would be okay to mention Spike Lee when John Mulaney asked her about the person she was most excited to meet at the Oscars. She thought that it would be a good idea but after the cameras showed Lee and his reaction to hearing that, she realzied that it was probably a mistake.

10. This is the moment she saw Lee’s reaction

Image Source: You Tube- ABC

It is more than obvious tha she immediately realized that Spike Lee was not impressed at all by her mentioning his name, and her reaction really says that she knows she messed up. Well, you cannot take back what you said and the only thing you can do in such a situation is to move on!

11. This is something that we could consider to be a normal reaction

Image Source: You Tube- Sun
Image Source: Twitter

This funny Twitter post really nailed it! There is no better way of intepreting Irina Shayk’s reaction when she was forced to watch her partner perform alongside Lady Gaga. Their bond is obvious and it is what made the movie a success, but she seems to find the whole thing a bit hard to accept with a smile.

12. The ‘Vice’ crew really struggled while on stage

Image Source: You Tube- ABC

This was rather painful to watch! The actors from ‘Vice’ went on stage to get the Oscar for best makeup and hair, but it proved to be harder for them than expected. They struggled to get all the right words out and there was zero coordination between them, not to mention that it took them longer than the typical stage time!

13. Pharrell Williams had an interesting outfit

Image Source: Getty Images- Frazer Harrison

Every celebrity wants to shine, but some choose an interesting route in other to achieve that effect! Pharrell obviously tried to make an impression and he did! However, it seems that this choice of outfit was a rather controversial move and wearing a camo-themed jacket and shorts is not going to be admired by everyone!

14. Now this was a real bummer

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All of us in front of the TV screens got to hear this, but everyone who attended the night of the Oscars could not! The producer of ‘Green Book’ accepted the award and just as he was about to mention that he would like to dedicate this honor to the late Carrie Fisher, his mic stopped working!

15. This was a nice try


It seems that Ryan Seacrest tried to show some sense of humor and he chose to do it while talking to Spike Lee. The host said to Lee that he should send him his real, but we all know that it was not a joke at all. Lee probably knew that, too.

16. Bradley Cooper could not care less about Giuliana Rancic’s feelings


‘A Star is Born’ made quite the impact and many people felt really emotional about the movie. Some even said how they related to it in a certain way. Giuliana Rancic had the chance to share with Cooper that she loved her husband even more after seeing the movie, but the actor seemed kind of unimpressed.

17. Everyone was shocked after seeing Olivia Coleman won the award for Best Actress


We were all convinced that it was going to be Glenn Close but thing turned out differently!

18. This speech confirmed that

Image Source: Twitter

The actress even mentioned it in her speech! She thought that Close was going to win the Oscar, too!

19. Irina Shayk took no chances

Image Source: Standard

It seems that she wanted to make sure that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga were at least a seat apart, and she took that seat!

20. Rami Malek was a bit too excited on stage

Image Source: CNN

The actor was really excited and his bowtie malfunction was nothing compared to him falling off the stage!


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