19 Times When Tension Reached Its Highest Possible Point

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It appears that the more our everyday lives become busier, the more tense we become. It only takes a little for all that tension to become impossible to contain, and when the point of no return comes, there is little you could do! The following images show tense moments when people were pushed to the edge or even over it, and they acted in a way they probably regretted after that. Maybe most of you could recall a time it happened to you, too!

1. This is what the employee at a cinema had to put up with after Avengers: Endgame

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that there was a lot of tension and emotional moment, and you can see the aftermath! Employees at cinemas are probably used to cleaning all kinds of messes, but this one is on an epic scale!

2. This person decided to not give up despite the circumstances 

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, even in the face of disaster there are people who are able to react differently than the rest. This man probably felt the urge to do something and he simply did it! This is a good way to deal with built-up tension!

3. These two brothers won the lottery

Image Source: Reddit

Well, you can see that they did not win an equal amount of money, not even close! The ridiculously huge pile of cash one of the brothers won would surely become the reason for tension to appear between them, because this is how it works in such situations.

4. This driver is still ready to drive off

Image Source: Chillout-e.ru

This is not an isolated case at all – people drive in the wrong direction all the time and instead of putting it in first gear, they shift in reverse. This driver was lucky to escape a much worse scenario and she is still holding the wheel tight!

5. This is something really curious to see

Image Source: Reddit

This is the kind of thing that could easily puzzle you because it looks so bizarre that you are simply petrified by it! There surely is a story behind this image but we have no way of knowing it, which is a shame.

6. Now this is what we call an extreme activity

Image Source: Chillout-e.ru

Seeing this person just chilling there and minding their own business made us think that he probably hat to let off some steam, and this probably seemed a good way for them to do it! The only concern we have is that it looks unsafe.

7. The person in the middle is not happy at all

Image Source: Reddit

Group photos are always cool because they are meant to capture a moment when people have fun together. However, it is not always like that, at least not for everyone in the photo, and you can see the person in the middle is kind of pissed!

8. This can easily make someone use foul language 

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes bad luck is a thing we simply cannot go around and we must put up with its consequences. When this person ended up paying for a sandwich and a drink that both got stuck, you can be sure that they were close to losing it, or at least that is what we guess.

9. This is outrageous

Image Source: Reddit

There are many different people around the world and some of them are able to come up with truly ridiculous things! This person found a cat and kept it, and they had the audacity to put up a sign like this! It probably drove the original owner crazy!


10. This bin is located under a roller coaster

Image Source: Pikabu.ru

You can probably imagine the amount of lost smartphones employees find at amusement parks. Chances are that most of them are around the roller coaster area, and sometimes they are collected in bins such as this one! The owners were probably not exactly happy to lose their phones!

11.  This hedgehog absolutely lost it

Image Source: Twitter

It appears that this cutie was angry for some reasons and it dd the same thing we do when we feel we are losing our sanity. The animal simply stared at the ground and screamed, and it looks like a truly dramatic moment!

12. Here is where people get rid of tension

Image Source: Chillout-e.ru

It appears that this was done as a prank but we firmly believe that every office or a public building could use such a corner. Letting off some steam is essential and there is nothing wrong with it!

13. Here is a situation that probably escalated after that

Image Source: Twitter

This seemingly simple tweet might appear to be funny but there is more to it than meets the eye! While the parent was able to deceive the kid, you can be sure that the child would grow more and more frustrated with each passing minute!

14. This is nothing but hilarious 

Image Source: Twitter

Of course, there is something real under the sarcasm they used to create this funny image! We have all been in a situation where we wanted to do nothing but cry because of the things we need to do but our schedule did not allow us to!

15. This dove probably felt how tense the moment was

Image Source: Reddit

Cats are always on the lookout for birds and this is something that is part of their nature. The trouble comes when they actually try to get to the bird but they simply can’t do it, which leads not intense moments like this one!

16. This kid is definitely feeling the pressure here

Image Source: Reddit

Most men could probably recall the first time they actually felt they were attracted to a woman, and this is something perfectly normal, but it always feels weird at the time it happens. The look on this kid’s face says a thousand words and you can sense the tension in the air around him!

17. This grandma is not happy to see her granddaughter with a boy in her room

Image Source: .Taringa.net

You can see that she is close to the tipping point of serving her own justice using that slipper!

18. Here is what happens when you are a bit too tense 

Image Source: Twitter

People need to be careful and handle the thermometer with caution, or  it could lead to unpleasant results!

19. This is what we call an awkward situation looks like

Image Source: Twitter

The person on the right is smiling but you can sense that he also wants to find a girlfriend just like his buddy did!

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